Meet the New Boss, Not Same as the Old Boss

 “Me Too” and similar social justice movements are intended as cultural neutron bombs, eliminating people but leaving infrastructure intact. The point is not to do away with Hollywood or Silicon Valley but to seize a piece of the action.

These two aren’t just any industries–not just allies of social justice but its propaganda arms. If Globo Homo had a corporate board, Hollywood and Silicon Valley would sit on it.

Applying social justice to the enforcers of social justice was always going to be sticky. Silicon Valley stumbles and convulses in its attempts to diversify, as we saw from the James Damore affair. But what that embarrassment for Google also revealed–and I hope they got due credit in Right-Thinking circles–was the company’s earnest efforts on behalf of Diversity. By God they really seem to believe this stuff and are diligently working against merit and value to achieve it.

Hollywood, the jewel of Diversity’s cultural empire, was once too important to be encumbered with diversity. That time is up. A new diverse generation has come up and they’re only too well conditioned by the propaganda–the “white males” of Hollywood will have to yield.

An older generation that knows it’s all a con is being supplanted by one that doesn’t. One that has taken the con to heart, as a religion. The older crew, knowing they were full of it, held some residual shame–the new gang, as true believers, have none. Most young leftists applaud the sacking of dread White Males with names like Cohen and Weinstein–discouraging the anti-semitic trope of Jewish Hollywood has worked only too well.

Overwhelmingly Jewish men have been displaced by the Me Too movement, and where there would normally be a vocal chorus declaring them victims of anti-semitism there is embarrassed, sensible silence. With the sort of rarity associated with a solar eclipse, Jews have lost control of the narrative.

 It fell to Larry David to break the silence. It had to be. This is after all the recurring joke around which his show is based: Larry notices; Larry speaks; Larry suffers censure. 

The ethnic nature of the feminist power grab in Hollywood is incidental. The ethnic nature of the generational shift going on in the Democratic Party however broke embarrassingly out into the open when Ilan Omar, intersectional powerhouse, triumphed over Nancy Pelosi and the DNC as if she simply didn’t know any better.

Before you know it people are sitting out AIPAC to avoid riling the base:

Progressive groups like had urged 2020 presidential candidates not to attend the annual conference. The crowded Democratic field is battling to appeal to its progressive base as the party continues to lurch further to the left.
AIPAC’s conference comes on the backdrop of a political firestorm that erupted in the wake of comments made by freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota about Israel that many have interpreted as anti-Semitic. It also comes as freshman Democratic lawmakers are increasingly vocal and critical of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

There will soon be no neoconservative element left in the Democratic Party at this rate.

The Left’s third column, non-governmental activism, is undergoing a similar generational and ethnic power-grab, with the mysterious seizure of the Southern Poverty Law Center from its mastermind Morris Dees, for undisclosed indiscretions and an organizational lack of revolutionary zeal evidenced in a lack of diversity.

Tina Tchen showed up like a commissar to clean house, and the next two high-ranking Jews, Richard Cohen and Rhonda Brownstein, were quickly out, the former for vague and the latter giving no reasons for resigning. These people were forced out. Tchen’s job is to diversify the too “white” SPLC; the organization has been wrenched from Jewish hands. And as with Hollywood’s horn-dog problem, no one on the Jewish side will dare point it out.

And New America is just getting started.

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