Hustling for Justice

Two of today’s missives in the “emotional labor” long-con. Lydia appears to be half black-half Jewish and all lesbian. I think she should give the other two points of her identity triad more credit. Jewish lesbians are probably doing more than their share for justice.

But that’s eleven thousand retweets for a patently absurd assertion. Speaking of labor, that’s not a bad return on it.

Lydia’s likely a little more savvy than her tweet suggests, which makes it all the more objectionable, but I actually believe the sisters when they say stuff like this:

Demagogy effects a disparate impact. No group seems more amenable to it than blacks, for their unique historical place in America and their unique character as a people as expressed at the individual level. Indulging black rage has been a prominent feature of civil rights for half a century (Tom Wolfe published “Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers” in 1970), and for a long time it must have seemed it would subside along with improving conditions and opportunities for blacks.

We’ve seen the opposite happen. Blacks have not only experienced a profound increase in opportunity (though their not taking advantage of it is disguised as discrimination) they have come to dominate culture and politics (or at least black concerns continue to dominate politics).
Black rage has only increased. It increases in tandem with black confidence and dominance–the election of Barack Obama, of all things, crystallized the present, untenable state of black advocacy.

Black people aren’t going to be the ones to put the brakes on this humoring of their every resentful whim. Somebody else is going to have to do it.

Saner heads on the Left need to prevail upon their radicals and, yes, blacks, before things get truly ugly with (more) violence in the streets as a result of left wing racial demagogy.

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