Conformity is Good, Apathy is Great

The New Yorker has published an interesting and dangerously close to fair profile of Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff broadcast.
“If you’re a liberal, you’ve never thought twice, you’ve never reconsidered, you’ve absorbed what you were taught in the government schools and by the TV.”

A liberal now is simply someone who has stopped thinking about certain things. For him a set of settled questions form the basis of his quasi-religion. All we know about sex and race we learned by 1973, at which point the collective liberal brain was freeze-dried while taking in an episode of All in the Family.

This is normal. We aren’t biologically conditioned to a life of perpetual questioning of social and religious convention. A society made up entirely of conformists would become stagnant and implode; one made up entirely of individual free-thinkers would become chaotic and explode.

 The average person and society both need the hard ground of unquestioned and broadly accepted fundamental beliefs concerning the nature of life and Man. It would be madness if every single individual was a moral free agent to his last, a skeptic of all to the end.

An apolitical and conformist population is a virtuous one–if they are given a sane social order in which to conform. If you have what we have now that virtue of the mass is turned against itself, just as that individual liberal, eager if oblivious conformist, is a victim of his own blind, dumb virtue.

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