Knowing What the In-Crowd Knows

Via Luke Ford, a young man’s experience with powerful gay men:

The complete contempt gay men had for other gay men in that era was stunning. If you were a self-identified homosexual in the industry, the assumption was you had no qualms about being used and sleeping your way to the top. You wouldn’t get as much blowback as straight women, and there was no risk of getting pregnant. But the downside was, back then, that you had to accept a public identity of a highly paid whore, one of the thousands upon thousands of gay men with low self-esteem wanting to overcome their lack of masculinity by making it big in entertainment. [bold added]

Sodomy’s probably been with us the whole time, but “gay” is a very new identity. In our last Torah Talk Casey the Classicist pointed out the unique nature of “gay”: the first pathology transferred into a social and political identity. Its nature is unprecedented and absurd. It’s also unquestioned.

So nobody really knows where this ends. Homosexual Americans now constitute a nation with the nation, like everyone (except the white core of the Nation). As a group, as a part of their political movement of normalization erasing the age-old restrictions on them, they are expanding their ranks.

Despite the biological determinism that is the central tenet of the movement (“born this way”), evolution would seem to be opposed to homosexuality. I suspect homosexuality has only survived because until very recently it’s been practiced by bisexuals–men attracted to men but marrying. If that’s true, the creation of a homosexual identity suddenly creates a crisis for homosexuals; the necessity to “closet” oneself is gone, and more and more gay men and lesbians will gravitate away from marriage.

In a state of prohibition recruitment is probably a necessity–“pederasty begets pederasty”–but after emancipation it conceivably becomes a matter of life and death.

Normalization itself steps into the breach. It is now an option: respectable, presented as glamorous, attractive, heroic even. In the chaos of the post sexual revolution, with the cads, lesbianism and general alienation decimating the ranks of available women, the always adaptable male has this bitter option.

He has more and more options in fact, thanks to the “trans rights” movement. Any young man stranded in his masculinity can now, he’s told, abandon it.
But these new converts, there to buttress numbers and supply fodder for the Narrative, are a problem. They are overwhelmingly disturbed psychologically, and they’ve always been disdained, to say the least, by other gays. Likewise the poorer, younger and especially more effeminate gay man: the “twinks” and “marys” exploited and abused in a way curiously similar to the way a straight lech like Harvey Weinstein exploits women. With more political impunity, of course: imagine the power he wielded, clad with political correctness.

Indeed, if the greater levels of promiscuity in homosexual life can be attributed to the fact there are no women in the role of discriminating regulator, but all men on the prowl (as I think undeniable), the greater cruelty (I suspect) with which powerful gay men treat other gay men is likely attributable to the same thing: the lack of women. It’s easier for a man to abuse a man: the prohibition against it is less severe, the weakness of a man lacks charm and inspires disgust.

There is no real gay identity; it is a rickety construct.

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