A Confederacy of Dindus

HBO announces it’s developing an alternative history of the South. The show-runners from something called Game of Thrones, that appears to have had a bit of success, are writing and producing. Let the games begin. They’re White Guys!

If only it were so; I’m always a little depressed for our side to learn, as so often, it’s just another pair of talented Jews. Of course you would never know it–the average normie doesn’t, and if he did, he wouldn’t allow himself to think it relevant. That is, the average white normie–the only demographic not allowed a self-interested response.
The real outrage is that whites and American history get screwed twice: by the Jewish writers pushing an anti-white narrative, and then when those same writers are deployed as “white” straw men. This isn’t just a case of the latest silly outrage, either. This was a skirmish in our ongoing, disguised ethnic warfare, a looting.
HBO hasn’t started shooting and can be counted on to do two things: hire more black “talent” to go with the two black writers they brought in already as window dressing, and be much more wary about the content of the show. HBO is already acceding to the bullying.

Another alternative history show about an independent black American country has been revealed to be in the works at Amazon. In an alternate present a small independent black country has won its independence in the South. Someone joked on Twitter they could call this state “Liberia” (at this rate, if it’s made in two years, it will feature pyramids levitating on futuristic rockets, and eventually be shown in schools).


 During Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” #OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign and her swath of followers took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the network’s decision. Reign argued the series is racist as it ignores the systemic enslavement black people currently face.

 The irony in Joy Reid’s response trailed like a piece of toilet paper from her oblivious heel: “It plays to a rather concrete American fantasy: slavery that never ends, becoming a permanent state for black people. Repugnant.”
The “concrete fantasy” that “slavery never ends” has become the founding myth of the black American nation. Slavery “systemic”, and in the reality of mass incarceration. Critical race theory of course doesn’t stop there.

It’s not clear whether someone like Reign or Reid understands that Weiss and Goldman could be expected to express something like this, better and more persuasively than any black writer. They’ve publicly committed to making of their intriguing idea fashionable political propaganda (no attendant controversy).
It’s a relatively new sub-genre: if history can be retconned (as Steve Sailer likes to say) in fiction to create the illuison of, say, black achievement, the present can also be pro-conned in such but-only-if alternative history story.

But it doesn’t matter to blacks. Weiss and Goldman themselves probably get it better than black activists, who tend toward stereotypically emotional analyses and arguments.

The history of the South, for starters, is now a sort of cultural property, proprietary to black Americans. It is a material power grab in the disugised ethnic warfare that is modern America. We can expect more of it, and more creative attempts to formalize and expand it. In a fit of absentmindedness we’re creating a regime of non-white privilege, with blacks at the apex.

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