A Narrative’s Progress

The project to erase the West–globalism, multiculturalism, critical race theory, the “Narrative”–is like a revolutionary army that’s advanced too far too fast. It is stretched thin. It’s gotten too far out ahead of popular acquiescence and demographic change. The unified horror of the vast mainstream of punditry in reaction to Trump’s Poland speech revealed the extent to which the elite felt, with some comfort, that white Americans had already been killed off, rendered passive or are complicit in their demise. Mostly what offends, appalls and terrifies is the thought of a primordial enemy roused.

What had been a neat trick–manufacturing consent in the populace for radical social change by presenting the illusion of it first in film, television and media news, creating and occupying the moral high ground, worked quite well as long as things kept moving in the right direction. Conservative reaction would happen, was helpful even, became  a useful fall guy for the Narrative, creating the illusion of progress against ignorance, but would never challenge its core assumption–blank slate theory holding racial and sexual differences meaningless–until Trump came along offering an alternative.

What my cynical self suspects will save the Narrative after all is apathy. That there is no popular movement taking to the streets to defend Trump against the open coup progressing against him contradicts what I just asserted. What is surreal about the times isn’t Donald Trump as president (and as the last defender of the West), or the absurdity of BLM against a backdrop of black hate, or even the trannies; what defies reality is the fact we put up with it all.

And yet there is Trump, and there is the fact the only political way out for him is to pursue the policies that got him elected. Losing on Obamacare is nothing compared to losing on immigration. The counterrevolution he represents tripped the Narrative up, if only for the moment, by suddenly presenting an alternative. It’s way too easy to submit to the lethargy of electronic culture, and it’s still too easy to get by economically; the Narrative should have been home free. Early triumphalism may have doomed it and opened the way for Trump.

(Personally I recall one particular moment, a minor controversy: a black host on one of the liberal cable outlets said something dismissive about white people trying to regain their demographic health, something about breeding; a panel of POC mediocrities sat smiling nervously. They knew it would be controversial, but they were far more afraid of the lead POC mediocrity to say anything. You had to see it, perhaps, but the moment was grim, and I can’t imagine a white person viewing it without, not alarm but outrage.)

Trump suddenly presented an option and it seemed, to too many, an easy one. Simply elect him and sit back. His own bombastic self-promotion hasn’t helped. But the fact is he is in out of his depth–arguably less Obama and Bush II, but they had help. Trump has needed to convert more mainstream politicians, somehow cobble together a competing elite adopting nationalism.

We’re seeing now the historic, still hard to believe Trump election victory was the easy part. He presented that sudden option but it can’t be viable without either significant defections from the mainstream to Trump’s nationalism or popular demonstrations in the streets.

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