Golden Archers

“Drunk girls wait an hour to pee…”
–LCD Soundsystem, Drunk Girls

Steve Sailer on America’s Current Year Qualified Navy:

Boys like everything about projecting (in the physical sense, rather than that useful Freudian sense of “projection”). That’s why many (male) toddlers will immediately pick up a stick as soon as they step outdoors and brandish it about like the winning Killer Ape in 2001. 

The latest Navy supercarrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, launched its first jet this week, in another demonstration of the Pentagon’s ability to project power globally. But the Ford’s seamen are not to project so much lavatorily. 

But while urinals are being installed in the Ladies Rooms of luxury resorts, urinals are not being installed in the latest American aircraft carrier. From Business Insider: 

The Navy’s newest, most sophisticated aircraft carrier doesn’t have urinals Amid all its upgrades and advances, the US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, is lacking one feature: urinals. Every bathroom on the Ford is, for the first time, gender-neutral, equipped with flush toilets and stalls, according to Navy Times. Bathroom-design experts have said sit-down toilets are less sanitary…

Seamen will have to project their stream (and woe to the aged, er, hand) more accurately and carefully on the pitching high seas now. Brings to mind an unfortunate association from youth, obliterating the enemy flotilla of Dad’s unfiltered Pall Mall cigarette butts, before they could turn the tide of the war or my stream failed.

But Steve is on to something regarding projection and the act of urination. Camille Paglia was here years ago. From her Sexual Personae:

Concentration and projection are remarkably demonstrated by urination, one of male anatomy’s most efficient comparmentalizations. Freud thinks primitive man preened himself on his ability to put out a fire with a stream of urine [I’m willing to bet I’m not the only American youth to witness one or more of his fellows demonstrating their ability to, say, clear a brick wall]. A strange thing to be proud of but certainly beyond the scope of a woman [thus a source of, mostly, unspoken female resentment, a small but significant tributary contributing to feminism’s Amazon], who would scorch her hams in the process. Male urinatinon really is a kind of accomplishment, an arc of transcendance. 

Harper’s magazine ran a pre-print excerpt with that part about transcendance, with a get-a-load-of-this wink, before the book was published and landed like a small meteor in 1990. She goes on:

The cumbersome, solipsistic character of female physiology is tediously evident at sports events and rock concerts, where fifty women wait in line for admission to the sequestered cells of the toilet. Meanwhile, their male friends zip in and out (in every sense) and stand around looking at their watches and rolling their eyes. Freud’s notion of penis envy proves too true…

I’ve personally known women who were nearly obsessed with the penis–this is not salacious, they were objectively fascinated with, and amused by, its non-sexual workings. Male appreciation of the vagina is necessarily fraught, channeling, I suspect, fear of disease for one thing into such as the vagina dentata myth.

One of the impulses behind feminism, I believe, and one for which I have sympathy, is the need for women to retreat from and recover from the company of men. Men are exhausting, precisely because we are so different from women, of course, and in the worst way for feminism: men act (they project), and women contain, as in pregnancy–indeed, in the sex act the man projects and the woman draws.

The penis is reassuringly comic in its vulnerability: it’s exposure to the elements (and reaction to them), its reliance on the mechanics of the erection, its homely appearance, its double-duty as ignoble drain spigot and intrepid ram-rod. Tragic, too. The whole masculine tragedy is in the penis: in its endless rising in assertive hope, reaching the goal only to fall back spent, lessened, always “leaving it on the field”, equally diminished whether victorious or vanquished. The penis, like a man, is expected to achieve; the woman to receive and rate. How’s that for inequality?

There’s no room for that in the Current Year, but politicizing the inherent inequality of our plumbing is perfectly consistent with feminist notions of fairness. Thus it was inevitable that it would be assailed as a political problem. Bathroom equity became a small “thing” a long time ago when women started lobbying for more restrooms, or the right to use men’s rooms, to equalize the time burden. The Seat Liner Ceiling was set to be assailed. Whatever came of that I don’t know, but obviously it’s now superseded, and made incoherent, by the trans movement for bathroom “equality”.
Momentum is taking us to something like borderless bathrooms–you can’t discriminate in any fashion, so all are open to all, by law. As Bill Murray says, “cats and dogs, living together…”

But the broader movement really doesn’t care about women’s rights, and has performed an end-around feminism’s project of creating a privileged identity for biological women, and is of course going after the very idea of sexual identity. Don’t envy the fun and convenience of the outtie, girls; lots of girls have them, now. What do you mean they don’t? Current Year.

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