October 31, 2007

New York, NY (UNS) — The Congressional Black Caucus introduced a non-binding resolution today to censure the government of Iraq for its use of a noose, a symbol of lynching in the Jim Crow South, to execute Saddam Hussein.

“Regardless of the fact that this unfortunate act passed into history months ago, it continues to harm African Americans.” Rep. Hastee Scatflinger (D-MN) said at a news conference this morning. Congressman Scatflinger explained that he decided to sponsor the bill after his own son had seen the widely circulated video of the noose, a symbol of lynching in the Jim Crow South, on the Internet. While the resolution is non-binding, the Congressman hopes to use it to pressure the government of Iraq to end the practice of execution by hanging.

“I mean, what’s wrong with a firing squad? There sure seems to be no shortage of bullets over there. What sort of message is the young democracy of Iraq sending with this cavalier attitude toward the suffering of African Americans?”

“We will look into convening a delegation to go to Iraq with the intention of opening a dialogue and raising awareness.” The Congressman said when asked if there were any plans to petition the government of Iraq directly. Despite the offensive nature of their government’s actions, he insists he holds no ill will for the people of Iraq. “Foreigners can’t be expected to have the appreciation of racial and sectarian intolerance that African Americans do.”
The Congressman added that he would be unable to make the trip due to previous obligations in his district.

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