An obnoxious, industrial version of what sounds like Wagner, reverberating at ear stinging volume and smothered by an overwhelming, testicle vibrating bass, has me cringing and cupping my hands over my ears. Ballerinas with shaved heads wearing brown shirts and fetishistic black leather tutus are flitting toward me (somehow they manage to glide gracefully inContinue reading “*”

Truth, Stranger Than Dale

Further proof that every absurdity uttered in jest eventually comes to pass in reality:Mexican state issuing llegals GPS devices.I was wondering why the above news item from The Telegraph sounded familiar, and then I recalled this Untethered post from last May (relevant passage in boldface): Gracias por llamar La Casa Blanca. Para Ingles marque elContinue reading “Truth, Stranger Than Dale”

Sexual Perversity

Youth, beauty, strength: the criteria for physical love are exactly the same as those of Nazism. In short, I was in the shit.—Michel Houellebecq, The Possibility of an Island Sexual innocence has gone to market.In our liberated era, sexuality is increasingly valued, and modesty increasingly devalued (once was a person was a deviant if overlyContinue reading “Sexual Perversity”

Lawyers, Guns, & Money

I was gambling in Havana,I took a little riskSend lawyers, guns and moneyDad, get me out of this—Warren Zevon, Lawyers, Guns, and Money We’ve all seen films and television programs utilizing the standard Twilight Zone-like climactic device wherein the protagonist must convince people of some imminent but fantastical-sounding peril (“the aliens are coming”; “we’re beingContinue reading “Lawyers, Guns, & Money”

Elitist Benevolence Threatened by Representative Democracy

Left behind in the muck by the receding waters of Tuesday’s Democratic tsunami are countless predictable articles characterizing it as a refutation of Republican immigration “hardliners.” At least one comprehensive reform supporter is a little more honest, noticing that the newcomers are well to the “right” of the Democratic leadership; most outflanked their Rebublican opponentsContinue reading “Elitist Benevolence Threatened by Representative Democracy”