Cruel to be Kind

Mickey Kaus makes a good point about the specious “cruelty” of a border fence: A border wall or fence, widely denounced as the crude favored scheme of the meanest, yahoo, Know-Nothing elements of the Republican House, is in fact the most compassionate enforcement solution. A wall intrinsically blocks only new entrants. It’s a physical grandfatherContinue reading “Cruel to be Kind”

Live Blogging the Apocalypse

The following blog entries were discovered after the arrest and detention of an obscure blogger of uncertain means who was responsible for a bizarre episode of violence triggered by a stress induced onset of hallucinatory mental illness. It seems the aforementioned blogger grew increasingly agitated and fearful as the May 1, 2006 boycott in supportContinue reading “Live Blogging the Apocalypse”

May Day! May Day! May Day!

If anyone is left out there to get this message, please help. The nationwide boycott of American commerce by our indispensable keepers and maintainers, Our People of the Noble Working Mass, the Latino immigrants, is wreaking havoc here in Seattle.At first it seemed that everything was no different. Things almost seemed…normal. But then it allContinue reading “May Day! May Day! May Day!”

Blight of the Living Dead

David Brooks’ column last Wednesday, The Death of Multiculturalism (Times Select), offers a belated obituary for identity politics. Not so fast. Don’t cue the bagpipes just yet, or perhaps more appropriately the oud, didgeridoo, Native American square drums, and whatever more it takes to complete a cacophonous orchestra arrayed by means of painstaking cultural inclusion.Continue reading “Blight of the Living Dead”

Oprah the Omnipotent

The recent controversy over the fraudulent memoir A Million Little Pieces, and Oprah Winfrey’s initial defense and then public pillorying of its author, has laid bare the reality behind the cultural phenomenon that is Oprah. Oprah is an overwhelming political force in America, the unopposed emotional autocrat of a broad section of American womanhood, andContinue reading “Oprah the Omnipotent”