Sunday Sermon: Liberalism in Winter

It’s now been a long time since classical liberalism was stampeded to death by the ethnic hordes and progressive demons it nurtured in its breast over its long rule of condescension in the West. This calls for something fittingly pointless and insufficient to mark the passing. An indifferent epitaph. Liberalism, to the extent it wasContinue reading “Sunday Sermon: Liberalism in Winter”

Smoke ’em if you Portland

Portland recently launched its “Here for Portland” promotion to bring people back to a downtown that remains economically distressed over a year after the onset of the “racial reckoning” of riots and police defunding. To reassure the revelers, and following an untimely gang-style shooting last week, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced a plan to bring inContinue reading “Smoke ’em if you Portland”

Portland Dispatch July 17: the Weird, Weird West

Untethered Livestreams Early this morning eight were injured by gunfire in downtown Portland Eight people are being treated for injuries after a shooting in downtown Portland, including at least one with serious, life threatening wounds. On Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 2:10a.m., Central Precinct officers responded to a report of multiple people shot in theContinue reading “Portland Dispatch July 17: the Weird, Weird West”

Full Frontal Justice

While committing his office to restorative justice (prioritizing the rehabilitation and restoration of criminals rather than law and order) and indulging anarchist rioting, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is aggressively pursuing criminal convictions against cops, having charged one for assault for an extra baton strike on a rioter, referred two so far to theContinue reading “Full Frontal Justice”

God is Angry, BIPOC Hardest Hit

Oregon’s recent heat wave, where temperatures reached as high as 116 degrees, has killed about a hundred statewide and has inspired a biblical sense of catastrophe here. Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Chair and second-generation Oregon power broker, has promised a “deeper analysis” to document the racial disparity in deaths and our concomitant failure of theContinue reading “God is Angry, BIPOC Hardest Hit”

Fourth of July Acid Flashback Rerun

Not having the heart to write about the Fourth of July on what feels like the last one–actually it feels like last year’s was our last, but we’re only now finding out.  Whatever the case, the Fourth of July is no longer tenable, like the US. This is something I wrote sometime before 2008, whenContinue reading “Fourth of July Acid Flashback Rerun”

Portland’s Break with America Official

Before this is over antifa will have a statue, commemorating their current campaign, which includes the toppling of old statues, and the city’s leaders will be there to commemorate it. There are many ideal spaces with pedestals ready to receive the new dispensation. It was certain the Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt statues were notContinue reading “Portland’s Break with America Official”

Manufacturing Output and Constraints

Over a year into the manufactured consensus that George Floyd’s “murder” produced an entirely organic cycle of outrage and grief necessitating a “racial reckoning” dismantling your local police department and other things, a Kabuki consensus of cable news outlets no one watches and politicians no one trusts, I suspect we’ve reached the high-water mark onContinue reading “Manufacturing Output and Constraints”

Police Abolitionists Winning by Attrition, Still

Last week Multnomah County District Attorney MIke Schmidt charged a Portland cop with assault for an extra baton push or two to the back of a fallen rioter’s head last August 18, the same night the group tried to set fire to the Multnomah County Office Building. Police internal affairs cleared him after an investigation.Continue reading “Police Abolitionists Winning by Attrition, Still”