The Musk v The Megaphone

Many challenges to the neoliberal revolution from above–to “Globohomo“–have shown up confident in their logic and appeal only to end up absorbed in Globohomo’s vast and dense obtuseness like lost travelers in the Amazon. Consider the campaigns against CRT and “grooming”; heading into the midterm elections they’re winning–politically they’re irresistible–yet past experience suggests they’ll simplyContinue reading “The Musk v The Megaphone”

PDX Diary April 15: Raggedy Androgyne

Portland’s downtown library is open to the public again, no mask requirement. There are no padded chairs or sofas, too inviting to homeless, just high backed wood chairs lining long narrow wood tables. They’re not too bad though; you can lean back and work in them in surprising comfort and there are plenty. Across fromContinue reading “PDX Diary April 15: Raggedy Androgyne”

PDX Diary April 11: Ladyboys in Hell

“Just a couple of kids necking.” “Boys or girls?” –Dirty Harry At the moment it’s unseasonably cold in Portland; snow on the ground this morning. Slush falls now as the temperature rises, and occasionally a clump of snow loses its grip in the trees outside my window and falls with woeful grace to the ground.Continue reading “PDX Diary April 11: Ladyboys in Hell”

Masks and Mediocrity

From Covid-19 and the Global Predators: Decades ago, In Crowds and Power, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Elias Canetti, wrote astonishing passages about the negative effects of wearing masks in general: People’s attitude to this play of the features varies. In some civilizations the freedom of the face is largely restricted; it is thought improperContinue reading “Masks and Mediocrity”

PDX Dispatch April 4: Woman Down

Around half past one this morning I came upon a crime scene at the south end of downtown, just outside of Portland State University. “Is that what I think it is?” I asked a guy standing away from the tape talking to a little Mexican cop. “Yeah.” He smiled sardonically. “Don’t you love Portland?” TheContinue reading “PDX Dispatch April 4: Woman Down”

Reconstruction 2022: The Slap and the Pap

The slap in context. The civil rights movement has been dubbed “the second Reconstruction”, atoning for the first, the failure of which convention attributes entirely to southern white racism.  And while the civil rights movement is deemed by that same convention as an unqualified success (that is nonetheless never-ending and always incomplete), the insane histrionicsContinue reading “Reconstruction 2022: The Slap and the Pap”