Mannish Girl

Warning: gendered abuse ahead.

Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Information Czarina has the look of the crazed, of course, because most of us look at least a little like what we are, but she also has somewhat masculine features.

That look of oblivious self-satisfaction doesn’t help soften things either.

I was trying to place what looked so familiar about this unfortunate photo, and I recall moving to Portland, rotten with drag queens, and seeing that they’d taken, for some inscrutable reason, to wearing (I think) prosthetic chins that jut forward like the prow of a ship.

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth, kids

She’s got a career as a drag queen waiting if the Ministry of Truth deal falls through. We know she can sing.

In admiring that strong chin I couldn’t help thinking of another ball-buster, the Facebook “whistleblower” and censorship advocate Francis Haugen.

“And I found the trauma wrecked my t levels”

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