PDX Dispatch March 2

Shit Show

A tiny political rally for Oregon gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam, Republican and police supporter, was attacked by antifa with small explosives and water balloons allegedly filled with feces.


Oregon is a one-party state that last elected a Republican governor in 1982. Republican opposition in the legislature is meager, when the party’s leaders aren’t signing on to Democratic legislation. 2020 radicalized (or just emboldened) the Democrats who took advantage of the shock and awe of rioting to pass a host of bills limiting the police and transferring wealth to black people. The resultant chaos and penury has made Democrats and their policies extremely unpopular. Kate Brown, who ascended to the office after the popular John Kitzhaber was ousted in a scandal, is the least popular governor in the nation. So the unthinkable has occurred: Republicans have a chance. This is causing some panic, not least within antifa. Pulliam has drawn some attention for his and his wife’s membership in a swinger’s group in the past.

The attack occurred across the street from the still barricaded police station, but police response was delayed long enough to allow for antifa’s escape–though it’s not likely they would have been arrested anyway. 911 callers said they were put on hold by police who then suggested they leave the area and meet with them in another, safer location to report the attack–their response was to try to lure the victims away from the aggressors. Whose streets? answered again.

Translation: “The Jews”

Also the words “Die Juden” were painted on a synagogue in Northwest Portland, overnight and it’s everyone’s fault, naturally:

“It’s easy for us in Portland to think this doesn’t happen around here. That we’re free of anti-Semitism and hate speech, but the reality is it’s very much a part of our world,” Cahana said. “It’s very much of a part of the Pacific Northwest.”

We’re all antisemites now.

Ragtime Justice

Last year Oregon passed the Menstrual Dignity Act mandating free tampons in schools, as part of the “period poverty” movement for “menstrual equity” on behalf of girls and young women. Last week the state began implementing the policy, which includes tampon dispensers in the boy’s room. The Oregon Department of Education toolkit makes no mention of girls or boys, and advises schools on language:

Recommendations for Gender-Affirming Language
● Refer to menstruation without calling in gendering order to be gender-affirming for
trans, non-binary, and two spirit students. Emphasize physiology during puberty
education more broadly.
○ Use “menstruating students” instead of “girls”
○ Use “menstrual products” instead of “feminine hygiene products”
○ Explain “someone with a uterus and ovaries may begin to menstruate” instead of
“girls may begin to menstruate” during puberty education
○ Use gender-inclusive “students” “folks” “everyone” “learners” or “they/them”
instead of “boys and girls” or “he or she” when referring to students
● Use open wordslike “most” or “typical” or “another” instead of binary “opposite” or
“normal” or “other” (e.g. “another gender” instead of “opposite sex”).

Naturally the boys find the dispensers a source of amusement. This article from a student newspaper suggests the dispensers themselves aren’t being treated with much dignity:

Since the menstrual products were added to all the bathrooms, including male restrooms, another sophomore Jaiden Cerda provided a guy’s point of view on what appears to be the disrespectful abuse of the products. Jaiden said, “It’s not good because it’s against the law, and if you get caught you can get into huge trouble.”

I’m reminded of the creepy janitor back at Corvallis Junior High, who once thought it great fun to chase a couple of us dangling a bloody pad. With shame I recall we found it hilarious.

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