PDX Dispatch May 9: Toke and Mirrors

A man was captured on camera vandalizing a mosque and a synagogue in Portland last week as part of a string of similar attacks. On Saturday he was arrested when he turned up at a local news station and demanded to talk to a reporter.

Mike Bivins had been working as a freelance videographer documenting the clashes between local anarchists and right wing patriot groups since Trump’s ascent in 2015. His work has appeared in the local free weekly Willamette Week and elsewhere.

Bivins took a scalp in 2016 when his Periscope video of another local videographer drawing a gun as he was being chased by dozens of left wing protesters led to the man’s arrest. Michael Strickland of the “Laughing at Liberals” channel was later convicted of brandishing a weapon in a questionable prosecution.

Apparently Bivins had a change of heart over the last couple of years and became a “monarchist”, according to local lefties. His Twitter account has recently criticized Joe Biden and praised Elon Musk’s taking over the site.


For anyone who cares one iota about cannabis and its future, Cultivation Classic is the event of the year.

The science involved in the fourth annual organic cannabis competition—organized by Willamette Week—is on the cutting edge. And each year, that science drills deeper into the mysteries of this incredibly complex plant.

“What I want to underscore is that this event will stoke an exciting, relevant discussion for consumers,” says organizer Steph Barnhart. “So many cannabis cups celebrate potency, where the most THC equals a big trophy. And that is the opposite of what we are trying to do here.”

I wonder if Mike has been spending a little too much time on the cutting edge of cannabis recently.

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