Fraudulent Identity

If the prominence of the headline on Drudge is any indication, the announcement today of US indictments of Russian internet trolls is Big News:

The New York Times is running it above the fold, so to speak, on its website, over the news the FBI failed to act on credible tips warning of Florida school shooter Victor Cruz. Other mainstream outlets like the Washington Post and Daily Mail are still focused on the school shooting story.

Former FBI Director Mueller’s announcement of charges now is convenient to say the least, for the FBI.

The indictment says no Americans were involved and the election outcome wasn’t altered, which makes you wonder why it exists. It seems a lot of work just to get into the indictment that Russian trolls were “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton…”

This is embarrassing. The world’s most powerful country is being made to flail away impotently at Russian internet trolls, while its children, who are taught to hate it, gun each other down and its core population dwindles in a demographic cringe.

No Americans were wasting their time on the Russian troll farm in 2016, but the FBI, becoming as inept and degenerate as the nation it defends, is now.

Indeed, I’m still not clear on what laws were broken–the Russians are guilty of identity fraud, seems to be the core of it.

That’s rich, coming from an institution of the American elite. There’s no greater identity fraud than the routine posturing as constitutional democrats, liberals, republicans, as concerned citizens, the claims of being outraged at “racism”, or “sexism”, all to cash in and get along.

There’s your identity fraud–to perpetuate a sort of identity theft, the theft and dissolution of white American identity in the narrative hustle. I indict you, Mr. Mueller.

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