Hustling for Justice

Two of today’s missives in the “emotional labor” long-con. Lydia appears to be half black-half Jewish and all lesbian. I think she should give the other two points of her identity triad more credit. Jewish lesbians are probably doing more than their share for justice. But that’s eleven thousand retweets for a patently absurd assertion.Continue reading “Hustling for Justice”

Paid at Last, Paid at Last, Thank God Almighty…

A trend in social justice emerged at some point in the heady last days of Obama, introducing the concept of “emotional labor” to social justice, in particular to black advocacy. Emotional labor is the effort one puts into social interaction, particularly regarding having to “fake” it; the smiling waitress, for instance, is laboring to anContinue reading “Paid at Last, Paid at Last, Thank God Almighty…”