Memories of Youth’s Idyll, Part II

(Second in a series begun here)Who were my allies in this insurgency?There is a type of humor; bland, base, darkly vulgar, which is common among white males of the criminal subculture. These are people who are often referred to as white trash. They usually have done some time in prison; their time outside of anContinue reading “Memories of Youth’s Idyll, Part II”

Memories of Youth’s Idyll

A typically interesting post on Steve Sailer’s blog about, among other things, the criminality emanating from Compton, California as a highly marketed product taking the form of rap, movies, and television, has brought to mind my own halcyon days of youth growing up in nearby Norwalk. Norwalk is a working class suburb in southeast L.A.Continue reading “Memories of Youth’s Idyll”