Betrayal, the Blackpill and Bad Faith

James Lafond: What is the Alt-Right?  It is a misnomer and its members are having an identity crisis right now. I’m not one of these men, but count many friends among them.  The dissident right has been offered as an umbrella term for the masculine and morally disaffected minds among us.  However, making sense asContinue reading “Betrayal, the Blackpill and Bad Faith”

Oy J

Travis LeBlanc at Counter Currents: Recently, FOX aired a program entitled “O. J. Simpson: the Lost Confession.” The program showed clips from a 2006 interview where O. J. Simpson talks “hypothetically” about murdering his wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The interview was originally intended to promote Simpson’s book If I Did It, his clumsy attemptContinue reading “Oy J”