Betrayal, the Blackpill and Bad Faith

What is the Alt-Right? 

It is a misnomer and its members are having an identity crisis right now. I’m not one of these men, but count many friends among them. 

The dissident right has been offered as an umbrella term for the masculine and morally disaffected minds among us. 

However, making sense as it does, now this view has taken people who were previously cast as alternatives to something that did not exist [the phantom American Right] and placing them in the mental box of the disengaging, disgruntled negative aspect of modernity. 

The image of the average alt righter is of someone damaged and embittered; an image drawn by many claiming sympathy with their predicament.

And when a society systematically and openly marginalizes a demographic–white males here–among those speaking out against it will be a number of the marginalized  That they are marginalized by a sick society, a marginal society by historical standards, lends them no credence in the eyes of the politically unsophisticated normies.

 As if by design, the same outrage produced by our deliberate marginalization is fed back into the narrate-o-matic to be used as pretext for our further marginalization.

But the bitterness remains in many of the men I have recently spoken to: Dennis Dale, Adam Smith and Mescaline Franklin—even Luther the outlaw biker—have all expressed a feeling of anger at the overarching slave matrix we exist in. I’ve been trying to fathom this and it finally came to me in a conversation with a fifth man who shall remain unnamed, even by alias. 

What is it that makes that red pill taste so bitter that it is coming to be known as the black pill? 

It’s the secret to your enemy masters’ success:  the marginal loser disaffected by the normal course of history. Despite the fact there is nothing normal about our current course of cultural self-destruction, for which history has no  betrayed in the optic category of Loser. America hates a loser, even in a rigged game, despite our vaunted, and still somewhat operative, notions of fair play.

We tend to only think of betrayal in terms of the mechanics of disloyalty and deception, an act that puts the moral weight of disapproval on the betrayer.
But who really suffers from the betrayal?
If the person is a psychopath, they don’t suffer from the stigma of disappointing you when they betray you.

Divorced from obligation to co-ethnics, our Wasp/Jewish elite views us the way a sociopath views other people.

But you have not been betrayed by an individual. 

You have been betrayed by a system, an internal management system with tendrils in every nation, which has replaced the nation you thought served you so that you could serve the cause of infinite human erasure and dwindle into oblivion as nations, races, congregations, families and souls are all extinguished in their turn.

 Politically, the more warranted anger the more problematic it is for the angry. Anger must be sublimated into effective action and expressed with discretion.

 Despite all this the affective fury of the multicultural left is studiously ignored by their allies in power. The enemies of normality and order–blacks, transsexuals, feminists–are mass-intoxicated on  outrage.
 The system has developed to cultivate that fury for the advantage of factions based on identity. But their rage, combined with their ugly totalitarian aesthetic, continues to discredit them beneath the veneer of righteousness. 

Anger is the best thing you can instill in an enemy, particularly in a weak enemy.

The exploitation of anger is systematized in our perverse democracy. The anger of your political enemies should be provoked and exposed with calm and humor. The right dominates meme warfare in this fashion.

The bitterness of betrayal is the System’s gambit which will entice you to such indignity that you might cast aside your mask, stand up like the odd nail, and invite the Hammer’s stroke.
Anger has its place, when you are surprised by enemy hands in the dark, when you must strike or die. But in all combat rituals anger serves the psychological bleeder—because that is what the angry person is doing—poorly if at all and most combat arts training is focused on taking anger and fear and sublimating them into fuel to power your engine of survival.

Betrayal is puppet master psychological warfare against the spiritual resistance. Betrayal is an eliciting of the impulse to cast aside the mask that all slaves must wear.

The Policeman is Not Your Friend and that the government has created a criminal class specifically to threaten you, and that against those kind of odds you can’t afford to act out of anger. If anger is your operating principal, you will not succeed in anything.

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