Real Comedy v Fake Comedy

Political correctness holds sway as no dispensation before, and with nothing more than, well, political correctness; it’s both means and end, in a way. The pre-sixties order in America, still Wasp and Christian, could be publicly skewered. Even Lenny Bruce only ran afoul of authorities for obscenity. But I doubt there’s been a period inContinue reading “Real Comedy v Fake Comedy”

Lake–Oh You Gone

Did Garrison Keeler became the latest and unlikeliest casualty of 2017’s moral panic/political purge because of a defense of Al Franken in the Washington Post  he published just yesterday? Al Franken…did USO tours overseas…the show he did was broad comedy of a sort that goes back to the Middle Ages…If you thought that Al stood outdoors atContinue reading “Lake–Oh You Gone”