More Rad Camp Curricula: Kill a Nazi for Mammy

I bring you more from the 2020 online curriculum of the “Budding Roses” camp for radicalizing kids, grades 3-9, started by Portland anarchists.

Ironically our radical anarchists toed the same line as liberal normies when George Floyd’s overdose became the Mother of All Current Things, and the anarchists’ grim summer camp for kids became no doubt grimmer when they devoted it entirely to the myth of black oppression. Thus the police abolitionist material below. Add the recurring psychological manipulation normalizing and preparing the kids for violence–as “self defense” of blacks (heretofore “Blacks!“; if I could dress the letters up in illuminated bling, I would) and there are only two things happening here: gaslighting kiddie campers about black “oppression” and psychologically manipulating them to be ready to fight and die for Black! “self defense”.

Granted, the potential gain to anarchy of a two-week camp for some tiny number of kids that might make them more likely to rebel in the end, might strike you as no big deal when things are going to hell everywhere already, but the material is telling at least of the ambitions of our “anarchists” and their Establishment frenemies. So let’s have a look and try to do something more than the typical point-and-titter, at Prison Industrial Complex From Critical Resistance.

Critical Resistance (CR) is a national grassroots organization working to abolish the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

Critical Resistance wants to abolish all police and prisons and organizes letter-writing campaigns for inmates like they were soldiers at war, because for Critical Resistance they are.

The questionable trope that nobody ever needed a cop before his slave ran away is repeated:

If police are slave patrols prisons are plantations, or something.

I don’t doubt prisons are dehumanizing places, mostly because of the prisoners, but prisons were originally supposed to rehabilitate the penitent, hence the name penitentiary.

The “prison industrial complex” naturally includes immigration enforcement.

Abolition is the only answer because “we know” the “PIC” is irreformable.  Forgive my racism, but I think it might be that black people are irreformable, at least as long as America continues to indulge their worst impulses in the name of justice.  This is why I say blacks are the nuclear fuel rod of political demagogy, radiating energy in perpetuity through the consequences of their shameful collective behavior.

But nobody listens to me, thank God.

Abolitionists don’t really like police body cams, because they tend to reduce complaints against police.  “Shot spotter” technology also, because police react to shots fired, and abolitionists, until the day all police and prisons are abolished, seek to limit police interaction with their communities, without regard for outdated notions of “community safety”.  Portland is establishing both body cams and shot spotter technology, after some activist grumbling.  

I’m genuinely disappointed there’s no Foucault for Kids project (do anarchists know of bad taste?) but their stress on surveillance in prisons (seems like the worst things that happen to you in prison happen when the authorities aren’t looking, but) reassures me the old pederast is still read by the kids at Critical Resistance.

These guys talk about “squash[ing] political dissent like they know something about it.  Also they seem totally cool with surveillance and the violation of privacy in their squashing of “far right” political dissent.

As my grandfather would have said, had I had a relationship to a grandfather and he had been a saucy old fart, that’s enough shit shoveled for today.


Children in the US are being “groomed” by teachers en masse, and that grooming is political, going well beyond sexualization and introducing ever younger children to “gender” chaos. The deliberate culture of grooming in place now seeks to inculcate children in every aspect of progressive critical demagogy, with of course a strong emphasis on critical race theory.

To instant notoriety a “social justice summer camp” created by Portland anarchists stumbled into the news cycle this week, drawing unwanted attention that, of course, instantly became mortal threats necessitating the donation of money. From the ensuing gofundme:

Help Budding Roses host a fun, free social justice camp for Portland-area youth!

Budding Roses launched in 2017 as a free, radical social justice summer camp in East Portland for youth in 3rd-9th grade. For four summers, we have provided two-week summer camps including workshops on social justice issues, art projects, outdoor recreation, and free meals and school supplies. For the past two years, we created COVID-safe “Camp Kits” and delivered them to 70 families so our campers could continue learning and creating together even while socially-distanced. Now we need your help to host our first in-person camp in two years!

The camp is the product of the “Black Rose Anarchist Federation”, that somehow doesn’t list Portland among its local chapters. BRRN (as they style themselves, for Black Rose/Rosa Negra; their site features Spanish language content) says the two-week event is now “independent” of BRRN, which makes me suspect the camp is getting public funds now, and BRRN has discreetly stepped back.

BRRN is likely associated with Rose City Antifa, Portland’s primary antifa outfit, Portland being a small town and its genuine, committed anarchists not that great in number (I suspect; during the year of near-nightly antifa actions set off by George Floyd’s death the larger gatherings, after the early nights when the low-IQ apolitical knuckleheads looking for thrills went home, tended to top out at about a hundred antifa; from this I infer the total number can’t be much higher than, say, two hundred die-hard antifa in Portland proper).

George Floyd’s overdose necessitated turning Budding Roses’ curriculum over entirely to critical race theory and kitsch in 2020, at the same time Covid–fortuitously for the curious–necessitated taking that curriculum online where virtual versions of the camp’s planned activities can still be accessed. There is a printable Black Lives Matter coloring book:

How many blunts has that kid smoked?

There is a furious zine where a fork-toothed frog brings together the various resentments and calumnies; nothing is spared:

As Black As Resistance by Zoe Samudzi and William C . Anderson in a zine-style adaptation for kids. Learn about colonialism, anti-blackness, intersectionality, self-defense and more!

First, of course, kids learn new words and “big ideas” about things like violence that sound like they come from Mr Rogers, if he really had been the deadliest sniper in Vietnam and was having flashbacks:

There is more on “self defense” later. But there are lots of new words and “big ideas” still.

In other words, kids must learn to immediately associate circumstances like those below with such as “white supremacy”:

Dumbing down already obtuse theory for kiddies has the effect of distilling it in all its crude hostility for adults; it’s literally “white man bad”:

Blood or tear drops? No matter: white rich man bring ’em both!

Your contempt for every aspect of the United States must be complete, Grasshopper:

Having filled the kids up with a dose of extreme anger or profound shame, depending on their demographic, they are introduced to another “new” definition and “big idea” about self defense–violence is “self defense” if one invokes white supremacy or is black:

While “self defense” doesn’t necessarily mean violence, it can mean violence, for which the antifa amphibian wants kids to be prepared, because, wise-up-you-little-fuckers, non-violence “isn’t the world we live in today”. Also, black violence is inherently self defense:

I’ve just started having a look at this point.

Ask Not for Whom the Shill Trolls

A tired and confused George W Bush gave a speech condemning Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in which he blundered into what’s been described as an “epic Freudian slip” by describing the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I mean of Ukraine”. This was met with laughter as he literally shrugged off the mistake in a way familiar to anyone who recalls his administration.

The once swaggering Bush, looking sadly diminished, appeared to barely have the energy to read the speech written for him, plodding through it as if for the first time, just like the old days.

While the gaffe came like the hand of God staying hypocrisy just too egregious to be allowed, the remarks leading up to it are almost as hypocritical as Bush’s miserably failed denunciation of the invasion of Ukraine.

“…in contrast, Russian elections are rigged, political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, allowing one man to launch the wholly unjustified invasion…”

This is astounding considering the questionable nature of Bush’s own election and the fact that even absent that, he clearly does not represent the democratic process working but it being manipulated. The notion he was qualified, much less the most qualified candidate the Republicans could have produced, is tragicomic. But he also speaks after the recent election of another candidate somehow less engaged and capable even than he was.

Even if you reject out of hand that there was outright cheating in the election of Joe Biden, the vast, coordinated effort by media and powerful elites to prevent Trump’s re-election is a crime of the same order–which took place in plain sight and which was documented by a mouthpiece of that cabal in boasting fashion. This came after four years of deliberate disenfranchisement of voters by media, politicians and the intelligence community conspiring by all means available to thwart the Trump administration and its populist impulses as they produced one hoax after another, all revolving around the lie of Russian interference–a lie crucial in producing the very war Bush was obliviously denouncing.

Putin, in contrast, remains a popular president and clearly is on the side of Russians; and it was Trump’s, however inconsistent, populism–being on the side of Americans–that prompted the elite to sabotage him and institute the current era of censorship and repression of political opponents. George W Bush made his remarks while January 6 protesters sit in solitary confinement, threatened with life imprisonment; while the government attempts to bring Julian Assange to the US to jail him for the rest of his life for exposing them; while the government concocts plans for a “Misinformation Board” led by a lunatic; while the system of checks and balances itself is being trashed in the desperation of this elite to circumvent popular will.

Even the charge that “one man” in Russia is able to launch an “unjustified” invasion is less than meaningless–at least the Russians have that one man who can be held accountable. In the morass of our corrupted system, accountability is defrayed and obscured–yes, George Bush is guilty of war crimes, but no serious person should believe him to have been instrumental in originating them–no more than they should believe Joe Biden originates the policies he signs off on. Bush may be the deserved face of the crime, but it could have been anybody. Anybody of a similar lack of character and pliability. So here was the cutout for that hidden, diffuse evil, boasting of the superiority of our system.

Does he feel guilt? Has Bush, with mortality looming, finally begun to take his Christianity seriously? Does he sense divine retribution, like the Sword of Damocles, soon to fall upon his muddled head?


The Manifesto

Moral revulsion is untenable in an amoral time. So please excuse me for forgoing that traditional genuflection when considering the case of the Buffalo shooter and his manifesto.

The possibility of any given attack being a “false flag” is vanishingly small–diminishing to nothing when a live suspect is captured. But the manifesto reads as if he’s the proverbial “crisis actor” seeking to elicit more state repression and public hysteria around white advocacy (as “white supremacy”), more gun control and more censorship–it’s the shooter’s stated goal to do just that, hoping to prompt a shooting civil war.

The trolling in the long, meme- and data-heavy document starts early:

He opens with the issue of demographic replacement and classifies American blacks as “invaders” along with immigrants.

Questions and Answers

Why did you decide to carry out the attack?
To show to the replacers that as long as the White man lives, our land will never be theirs and they will never be safe from us.

To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the replacers themselves.

To intimidate the replacers already living on our lands to emigrate back to their home countries.

To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.

To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the replacers currently occupying European soil.

To show the effect of direct action, lighting a path forward for those that wish to follow

A path for those that wish to free their ancestors lands from the replacers grasp and to be a beacon for those that wish to create a lasting culture, to tell them they are not alone.

To create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary action can occur.

To add momentum to the pendulum swings of history, further destabilizing and polarizing Western society in order to eventually destroy the current nihilistic, hedonistic, individualistic insanity that has taken control of Western thought.

Most of all it was to spread awareness to my fellow Whites about the real problems the West is facing, and to encourage further attacks that will eventually start the war that will save the Western world, save the White race and allow for humanity to progress into more advanced civilizations.

What do you want ?
We must ensure the existence of our people and a future for white children

He cites the New Zealand mosque shooter as his inspiration, and clearly intends to inspire more in his turn

Is there a particular person that radicalized you the most?

Yes and his name is Brenton Harrison Tarrant. Brenton’s livestream started everything you see here. Brenton started my real research into the problems with immigration and foreigners in our White lands, without his livestream I would likely have no idea about the real problem the West is facing.

New Zealand, which I’ve learned through this has a national “chief censor”, has banned the manifesto.

His humor, and there is some here, is of the sardonic, trolling generation Z variety.

Are you a fed/shill/mossad agent/false flag/patsy/imposter/antifa/“three letter agent glow so bright” ect?

No, I don’t think so. Who knows maybe it’s the two shots of covid vaccine juice going through my bloodstream that’s really making me do this.
It’s healthy to have skepticism of course, but don’t let your skepticism turn you away from people who support you.

In what will further the conviction among some he’s a crisis actor, he hits all the familiar notes and names particular individuals and websites as if to focus federal attention upon them.

Was there a particular event or reason you decided to commit to a violent attack?

Before I begin I will say that I was not born racist nor grew up to be racist. I simply became racist after I learned the truth.

I started browsing 4chan in May 2020 after extreme boredom, remember this was during the outbreak of covid. I would normally browse /k/ because I’m a gun nut and /out/ because I love the outdoors and I eventually wound up on /pol/. There I learned through infographic, shitposts, and memes that the White race is dying out, that blacks are disproportionately killing Whites, that the average black takes $700,000 from tax-payers in their lifetime, and that the Jews and the elite were behind this.

From there, I also found other sites, like,, and where through data and exposure to real information I learned the truth. We are doomed by low birth rates and high rates of immigration.

I never even saw this information until I found these sites, since mostly I would get my news from the front page of Reddit. I didn’t care at the time, but as I learned more and more I realized how serious the situation was. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I told myself that eventually I was going to kill myself to escape this fate. My race was doomed and there was nothing I could do about it.

But then after browsing /pol/ one day I saw a short gif of a man walking into a building and shooting a shotgun through a dark hallway. I didn’t think anything of it, but then I saw it again, and I looked up who this person was. I thought to myself, “Why did this person do it?”

That person was Brenton Tarrant, and after some searches I found the 17 minute
livestream of him attacking the Al-Noor mosque. I eventually found his manifesto and I read it, and I found that I mostly agreed with him.

He offers a long and exhaustive case against the equality of blacks and whites, bringing in links from sites like Unz and Vdare, along with lots of memes, including a Stone Toss comic, disregarding or intentionally seeking the focus their inclusion in the manifesto will draw.

He opens with blacks but it’s Jewish power that draws his ultimate ire

About Jews

“The elite”, “The 1%”, “The bankers”, “The capitalists”, (((them))), “The marxist’s” they
all refer to the same group: THE JEWS!! When referring to “the Jews” I don’t mean all ethnic or religious Jews. Some can be actually decent, and make significant progress to humanity.

However many of them are not. Many are born to exploit the goyim and exploit the Earth for capital gain. They control the mainstream media, many government positions, and international and global banking. They advocate for leftist ideology, and spread propaganda among the right.

They spread their lies through all forms of media. They want us to divide ourselves by race, instead of goy and non-goy, like they already do. “Remember the 6 million goyim!” The real war I’m advocating for is the gentiles vs the Jews. We outnumber them 100x, and they are not strong by themselves. But by their Jewish ways, they turn us against each other.

When you realize this you will know that the Jews are the biggest problem the Western world has ever had. They must be called out and killed, if they are lucky they will be exiled. We can not show any sympathy towards them again.

His case against the Jews is a little more muddled than that against the blacks, but it will all be very familiar to anyone who’s been reading dissident literature online. Many citations from the Torah and Talmud follow. For what it’s worth, he views the Jews as “white”.

The Talmud, Oral Torah and other rabbinic texts are the root of all problems coming from Jews. The Talmud (or the rabbi’s holy book) teaches Jews that they are God’s chosen people and they are permitted to hate and exploit the goyim, and to allow pedophilia. Jews will tell you that they do not support these any more, but in reality this is what they all seek. “It was the law bro come on we’re different now goy- I mean bro.”

The new world order that the Jews advocate for is one where they enslave all other goy’s.
It’s important to note that Jews are taught this by all other Jews. Their rabbi’s, teachers, family and friends, they all preach this, subconsciously or not.

If the Jews did not have connections to Judaism, then I believe that they would be able to live in White countries such as the USA. But because of the irreversible rabbinic teachings they must be removed from all European and White countries.

After a lengthy discussion of the Jews he denounces fiat currency and crypto (assuming he wrote this before the recent crypto crash, his timing looks prescient), and even includes a link to a Jacobin article:

Crypto is completely based on the greater fool theory. As long as there is a sucker willing to spend their fiat money on it, it will have value. I can’t explain it any better this:
The entirety of cryptocurrency is a scam, a fraud, a ponzi scheme, and a waste of money. The only decent crypto currencies to really get into are ones that are backed by real money. What is real money you might ask?

The answer: precious metals

He eschews the “get out of the cities” theme and advises the opposite because that’s “where the fight is”; something I recommend you do as well–in a peaceful fashion. If you want to go live in the country and raise chickens, God bless you, but your only hope for the future is they don’t eventually come to collect you and you get to live out your life in isolation.

Don’t leave the cities, run towards the fight, not away

Run towards the cities, run towards the conflict, run towards the enemy, fleeing from the enemy is cowardice. The countryside are already ours, as they have always been. The people of the countryside are already traditional, already close to nature, already supportive of their people.

It’s the cities where the struggle lies, it’s the cities where the invaders have massed, it’s the cities where the marxists have poisoned the institutions, it’s the cities where the traitorous media and corporations lie and it’s the cities where the anti-white politicians and the NGOs make their homes.

Invade the cities, take the cities, battle in the streets for the cities. The cities are the economic, judicial, political, ethnic and cultural battleground of our people and it is there we shall wage our war.
The countryside can wait, the cities need you, your youth needs you. Despite how many of you may feel living amongst the pollution, amongst the cultural filth, crammed into tiny apartments in the city sprawls, far flung from man’s natural environment. But it is there our future will be made and it is there the battle for our peoples future will be fought.

A huge portion of the manifesto is an exhaustive and detailed exposition on tactics and gear for those he hopes to inspire. This part is a how-to manual. He gets into everything, down to the right gloves and the best and worst retailers for equipment.

I suspect the Buffalo shooter’s effect will not inspire others in significant numbers, but will cause most to despair and shrink from peaceful dissidence. The habitual human response to these violent acts is fallacious but predictable in its emotionalism and bias: one reasons backwards from the murder to discredit the murderer’s complaints, which become conflated with his action.

But there’s no logical or moral reason for that: if one is, say, an advocate of the Palestinian cause against Israel, the appearance of a Palestinian suicide bomber may be distressing, one may be genuinely appalled, but the nature of the dispute is not changed. Indeed, the terrorist is a predictable outcome of the injustice of the Israeli occupation and displacement of Palestinians. Note just how effectively, however, neocons and Israel hawks use these acts of desperation to justify their cause. The real dividing line is not between the violent and non-violent, between the moral and immoral, but between the competing goals and entities: Israel v the Palestinians.

Forgive me, but the actions of the Waukesha killer or any other BLM terrorist stand in contrast to those of the Buffalo shooter by virtue of their being wholly wrong and misled. “White supremacy” and the notion blacks are uniquely oppressed in the West is a lie; “the Great Replacement” is not. This distinction is important.

Whichever side you’re on in any given dispute, the act of a terrorist should not move the needle on your meter at all. Why would it? Cowardice in the face of moral condemnation is the only reason.

Payton Gendron’s act will be attributed to those he cites approvingly as inspiration. But he’s inspired as much by the clumsy and hateful agitprop of the New York Times et al; maybe more. He is not the product of those who’ve been telling the truth as much as of those who’ve been telling lies.

The “Great Replacement” is only a “racist conspiracy theory” if you disdain it, and the real division is not between those deluded into believing it and realists, but between those who approve or are indifferent, and those who object–or resist.

God help us.

PDX Roundup Monday May 16

Portland is rolling out its long-planned “Safe Rest Villages” scheme to house the homeless in pods, led by city councilman Dan Ryan. Today homeless are moving into a “queer affinity” SRV in the city’s southwest that’s already lost the support of its “housed neighbors” who’ve said their concerns about conditions around the park haven’t been addressed–requests such as establishing a no-camping zone around the village have been dismissed out of hand. I don’t know if anyone has challenged the “queer affinity” model’s discriminatory nature–which I think the city has already applied in some of its traditional low-income housing, where a given building will be dedicated to aging queers. The village will be located near an elementary school.

How queer-hood is established I don’t know.

Portland held a rally and march on behalf of abortion Saturday, of course, that was well attended with only a small BLM and antifa presence.

Carjacking suspects led police on a high-speed chase that was abandoned due to safety concerns. Then police lost another wanted suspect who fled a traffic stop. Meanwhile gun violence continues to creep into the previously quiet southwest. Two women were shot last week outside one of the city’s public housing apartments (I think for recovering addicts); one died. This came after a young woman was shot and killed by a former lover just outside of Portland State University in downtown’s south end. A young security guard was found dead from gunshot wounds outside a Marriott hotel on the south waterfront. No suspect has been found in that case. The city’s murder rate for the year is excelling last year’s record numbers.

A trailer loaded with guns and ammo intended for a gun show was stolen from a parking lot and days later was jackknifed on the Interstate Bridge into Washington state as its 19 year-old female driver was trying to escape police. Women drivers, you know. Not all the guns were recovered.

This is Portland.

PDX Diary May 11: Fourth and Washington

A Rolex ad towers over the large multi-retail building that stretches over a city block downtown. It’s been vacant and fenced off for years, periodically swept by graffiti and painted over.

“Yo you need something?” One of a pair of homeless men lying in an alcove says as I pass. “You need something?” At first I think he’s talking to me, trying to sell me drugs; no, he’s talking to a man out ahead of me, who’s looking down the street in our direction. The man is small and frail, dogeared and gray despite not being that old. He’s standing at a bus stop, watching silently and incomprehensibly at the homeless man who’s up and walking toward him now.

I pull up to the bus stop and stand near the little gray confused man.

“Yo you need something? What are you lookin at bro?” The homeless man says threateningly, his hands balled up in fists and trailing behind.

“He’s looking for the bus.” I say, as flatly as I can, stepping forward. I look over at the gray man. “You’re watching for the bus, right?” He barely nods, looking confused; he doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening.

“He’s just watching for the bus, man.” I say, conciliatory, motioning at my own eyes and down the street. My tone is deliberately mild, but I take another step forward, trying to look taller. This is my strategy; my words are almost apologetic but my body language is meant to convey a certain readiness. “It’s okay.”

The homeless guy pulls up and mutters something about how he “don’t fuck around”. I just nod, eying the homemade flail in his belt, a flat piece of metal connected to a short stick by chain link. I don’t fuck around he says I’m not that guy I don’t fuck around. I nod. “Okay. Thank you.” I say as he turns around, revealing a Friday the 13th style hockey mask on the back of his head.

A crazy black man is dribbling a basketball and trying to do tricks with it, but he’s clumsy and keeps losing the ball. As it bounces away he takes a deep, formal bow as if for an audience, and then stops, bent at the waist, swaying a little. He decides to stay there a while. Another crazy black man is shadowboxing with a parking sign, pretending to slip and counter punches; I think he’s inspired by the first guy.

Somebody has excavated the dirt from planter that’s flush with the ground, leaving a round hole several feet deep like a trap. Nearby is still another manic black man, naked to the waist. He’s ripped and trembling violently in little spasms as if an electric current is running through him; splashing water desperately on himself as if he’s on fire.

This is Portland.

PDX Dispatch May 9: Toke and Mirrors

A man was captured on camera vandalizing a mosque and a synagogue in Portland last week as part of a string of similar attacks. On Saturday he was arrested when he turned up at a local news station and demanded to talk to a reporter.

Mike Bivins had been working as a freelance videographer documenting the clashes between local anarchists and right wing patriot groups since Trump’s ascent in 2015. His work has appeared in the local free weekly Willamette Week and elsewhere.

Bivins took a scalp in 2016 when his Periscope video of another local videographer drawing a gun as he was being chased by dozens of left wing protesters led to the man’s arrest. Michael Strickland of the “Laughing at Liberals” channel was later convicted of brandishing a weapon in a questionable prosecution.

Apparently Bivins had a change of heart over the last couple of years and became a “monarchist”, according to local lefties. His Twitter account has recently criticized Joe Biden and praised Elon Musk’s taking over the site.

For anyone who cares one iota about cannabis and its future, Cultivation Classic is the event of the year.

The science involved in the fourth annual organic cannabis competition—organized by Willamette Week—is on the cutting edge. And each year, that science drills deeper into the mysteries of this incredibly complex plant.

“What I want to underscore is that this event will stoke an exciting, relevant discussion for consumers,” says organizer Steph Barnhart. “So many cannabis cups celebrate potency, where the most THC equals a big trophy. And that is the opposite of what we are trying to do here.”

I wonder if Mike has been spending a little too much time on the cutting edge of cannabis recently.

Mannish Girl

Warning: gendered abuse ahead.

Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Information Czarina has the look of the crazed, of course, because most of us look at least a little like what we are, but she also has somewhat masculine features.

That look of oblivious self-satisfaction doesn’t help soften things either.

I was trying to place what looked so familiar about this unfortunate photo, and I recall moving to Portland, rotten with drag queens, and seeing that they’d taken, for some inscrutable reason, to wearing (I think) prosthetic chins that jut forward like the prow of a ship.

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth, kids

She’s got a career as a drag queen waiting if the Ministry of Truth deal falls through. We know she can sing.

In admiring that strong chin I couldn’t help thinking of another ball-buster, the Facebook “whistleblower” and censorship advocate Francis Haugen.

“And I found the trauma wrecked my t levels”