Portland’s Break with America Official

Before this is over antifa will have a statue, commemorating their current campaign, which includes the toppling of old statues, and the city’s leaders will be there to commemorate it. There are many ideal spaces with pedestals ready to receive the new dispensation.

It was certain the Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt statues were not going to be restored after antifa took it upon themselves to liberate the city of their oppressive presence, though no one’s been asking. Those and a statue of a settler family arriving in Oregon, The Promised Land, probably couldn’t be restored even if the will was there–antifa would simply keep coming back to deface or topple them–and according to new rules quietly instituted, in the future the city will remove them for antifa, if they deface a monument for a period of time with “social justice oriented” graffiti (see below).

The 120 year-old Elk statue downtown may rise again–the minor fire damage to which it was subjected was incidental, nothing personal so to speak, it’s just the dry fountain pool around it made a nice big fire pit and the city thought it wise to remove the Elk before it was destroyed. Antifa then began gradually demolishing the fountain and pedestal with pick axes–the rubble making for good projectiles, the city eventually came and cleared out the ruins. Theoretical thumbsuckers appeared online at the time explaining What the Elk Means to antifa and why it had to be destroyed, but no: this one was purely collateral damage. They were indifferent to the Elk–and that in itself is something because they’re not indifferent to much.

The Evil Elk of Portland

While they may not have picked the Elk for any particular reason they welcomed and riffed on the shock its treatment produced in the public, first replacing the statue with a crude wooden “Evil Elk” parody, which was later captured and brandished as a trophy by their Patriot Prayer enemies. A progressively crasser series of iterations occupied the dirt mound where the fountain and Elk had stood until the last, a miserable thing made out of pallets was, I saw for myself, toppled, not by political actors but by black thugs who were sacking the antifa mutual aid “Jail Support” tents huddled around the spot, for whatever donation money the wretched little operation had on hand–grift was getting lean after the crowds of naive white zoomers occupying the park all summer went home in the Fall.

George Washngton
Thomas Jefferson

For the destruction of the two statues downtown, the Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues nearby and the George Washington statue across the Willamette river a total of one person has been charged by District Attorney Mike Schmidt–the guy who drove the van that pulled down Lincoln and Roosevelt on antifa’s Indigenous Day of Rage” (if it was a food product, the label would have to read it conains less than ten percent actual “indigenous” rage):

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced this afternoon his office was charging two men in connection to a Sunday night riot that damaged the Oregon Historical Society and other buildings and saw a crowd pull down statues of former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt that have stood for nearly a century.

Schmidt’s office charged Brandon Bartells, 38, residence unknown, with one count of criminal mischief and one count of riot for allegedly driving a vehicle that toppled the Roosevelt statue, causing an estimated $20,000 in damage. (He was not charged in connection with the Lincoln toppling, which the DA’s office estimates did $10,000 in damage.)

Local political leaders, including Sara Iannarone, “antifa candidate” running against Mayor Ted Wheeler, uniformly condemned the action.

“I condemn all acts of violence and destruction, especially those targeting public art,” Iannarone said in a statement early Monday morning. “Our systems of government have long ignored problematic symbols and impacts of institutional racism. I am committed to changing that as mayor. People are hurting and that pain is valid. But anonymous acts of destruction outside of any agreed-upon process are toxic, unaccountable behavior that has no place in our city.”

At a press conference later in the morning, Wheeler, speaking on the controversial holiday formerly known as Columbus Day but for the past five years in Portland called Indigenous Peoples Day, said the participants in last night’s incidents “co-opted what is otherwise a peaceful opportunity and instead engaged in acts of criminal destruction.”

“These acts are obscene,” Wheeler added. “As mayor, I will never tolerate violence or criminal destruction.”

Schmidt struck a similar tone this afternoon.

“It is sickening to me to see the destruction that occurred in Portland overnight,” Schmidt said. “For more than a century, the Oregon Historical Society, its staff of researchers, educators and volunteers have documented, preserved and shared Oregon’s history. They have put a spotlight on white supremacy, racism, civil rights and social inequality. They have elevated the voices and stories of marginalized and under-served communities in Oregon.”

And this was the last we heard about the crimes or the statues from government. This acquiescence has given implicit sanction for the destruction–by virtue of its desecration–of American history; I say that because I’m sure if antifa had torn up sidewalk to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars damage or more, the city authorities and District Attorney would feel no shyness about punishing and deterring any further instance of this senseless waste of public property.

That implicit sanction of violence has been made explicit:

Last summer and fall, protesters toppled Portland statues depicting three U.S. presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Last month, local authorities quietly adopted a policy that could ensure the statues stay down.

Regional curators adopted a policy that says public artworks can be removed if the “subject or impact of an artwork is significantly at odds with values of antiracism, equity, inclusion.” There’s a strong chance the presidents won’t pass muster.

The policy: On May 5, the board of the Regional Arts and Culture Council amended its policies on adding and withdrawing public art. RACC, a nonprofit, contracts with Portland City Hall and Multnomah County to collect and maintain government-owned artworks, including statues. It’s also in charge of removing (or “deaccessioning”) such artworks from public collections, under certain circumstances.

The policy change RACC’s board approved last month expands those circumstances. It says artwork that’s at odds with antiracism can be removed. Same goes for art that becomes a rallying place for “gatherings centered on racist or bigoted ideology.”

RACC is funded by public money but has an independent board, somehow. In an astonishing new policy the board has not only sanctioned further vandalism of monuments, but encourages it:

RACC can also decide to get rid of public art if it becomes the target of “overwhelming public objection” for at least two years. That means if enough people vandalize a work with “social justice oriented graffiti,” that can be reason to remove it from the public collection.

Expect antifa to descend like pigeons on any objectionable work. Portland and Oregon’s old historic aesthetic celebrated settlement and pioneers, and the area is resource-rich for the new postmodern pioneers, and the replacement of the ritual celebration of a history with its rejection and condemnation proceeds like a parody, a black mass version of our history.

Build a city, get a plaque

I don’t know how much autonomy RACC’s independent board has from the city, but it has complete independence from the public that funds it:

The idea that Abraham Lincoln was too racist to honor now is hardly a consensus view. But don’t expect tribunals for the presidents. While RACC plans to present its new policy to the Portland City Council this summer, it doesn’t plan to hold public hearings on each statue’s fate.

From the RACC website:

An independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, the Regional Arts & Culture Council supports the creative economy in greater Portland by equitably providing funding and services to artists and art organizations; managing and growing a diverse, nationally-acclaimed, public art program; and developing long-lasting public and private partnerships. We connect artists and creatives to opportunity and access.

According to an audit in 2018 requested by Mayor Wheeler the organization is funded entirely by the three Willamette Valley counties it serves. Typically what a group like this does is pass out small grants and create education programs and the like, and the Council’s budget is tiny. Where in the city charter does it say this unelected body has the authority to remove monuments and sanction vandalism? I have yet to find it. The link to the RACC page at the city’s website is down, returning a 404 error. The closest thing I’ve found to authorization is here in the city’s description of the group providing “stewardship of the City’s public art program.”

The City Arts Program manages the contract with the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), the City’s arts agent. RACC provides a broad range of arts services on behalf of the City and region, including advocacy, grants administration, arts education monitoring, and stewardship of the City’s public art program.

RACC liaises with the city through the office of Commissioner Carmen Rubio, a rookie and redder, maybe, even than Jo Ann Hardesty, leader of the abolitionist movement who came into office with the intention of “ending white Portland.”

While some of the crude street art that went, and remains, up after the riots kicked off was donated to black activist grifters, probably out of fear of giving offense in the case of Apple–who, to reclaim their downtown store after it was made into a shrine to George Floyd, had to remove the plywood boarding covered in BLM graffiti art (the sleek glass cube style store now operates behind two-story tall steel-framed fencing held down by concrete traffic blocks that resemble the entrance to a prison). We can expect much of it to stay where it remains, grim and gaudy.

New art is going up already, too. The two-story portrait below incorporates the overtuned pedestal of the George Washington statue that came down:

And no relief in sight.

Manufacturing Output and Constraints

Over a year into the manufactured consensus that George Floyd’s “murder” produced an entirely organic cycle of outrage and grief necessitating a “racial reckoning” dismantling your local police department and other things, a Kabuki consensus of cable news outlets no one watches and politicians no one trusts, I suspect we’ve reached the high-water mark on that phony consensus’ effect on genuine popular support. Which may not matter, as it hasn’t mattered up to this advanced stage of rapid and radical change. The rapidity of that change isn’t only determined by opportunity, but also by the uncertain half-life of popular acquiescence. Go fast and get as much done as you can before they come around, the Masters of the Megaphone must be telling their charges.

Of course, ideally they never come around. But you can’t count on it.

Fake it ‘ti you make it should be the consensus craftsman’s creed; maintain the illusion of “expert” and moral consensus until the population adopts it out of virtuous conformity. But reality remains, fortunately or unfortunately for you, and there are severe limits on how far this can go. It helps a great deal if you’re proposing, say, to invade or bomb some distant country, ruin someone else’s economy, kill somebody else’s children. Shamefully, they can achieve awful wonders like the Iraq War when the comfortable citizen feels zero risk for the gain of moral posturing and flattered national chauvinism. But the George Floyd consensus is starting to hit home, and it’s American cities providing the lurid imagery on the screen; it’s George Washington’s statue being torn down–using the same rhetoric with which they took down Saddam Hussein’s. It’s Americans who are the “terrorists”; it’s Washington, Roosevelt and Jefferson who performed the equivalent of “gassing their own people”.

What should be happening–though nothing that should happen seems to happen any more–is that resistance to this narrative and movement should be getting harder the closer it gets to home for the individual. I suspect we’re in a phase now were public acquiescence to the BLM movement has begun to lag behind its increasingly crazy career:

Abolishing the police — once a fringe issue — has become a mainstream, albeit minority opinion.

After a year of unrest that pitted Portland protesters against cops, around one-quarter of Oregonians now support eliminating their local police department and creating alternative teams of social workers, drug counselors and mental health experts, a new poll says.

A total of 27% of survey respondents strongly or somewhat support that proposal, according to research by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center — but 67% oppose it and 7% are unsure.

The seven percent unsure really shouldn’t be allowed to drive or use scissors, but it’s the hardcore 25 percent supporters, mostly young, who frighten me. Notably the BIPOC are only a little more likely to support police abolition than whites, and still a minority. Whatever happens now the police abolitionists have achieved real gains likely to remain behind if and when the tide flows out again, such as a bans on chokeholds and other tactics and the movement overall will have advanced as much in the past year as it has the previous decade.

OVBC polled 1,400 adult Oregonians from a curated online research group between June 8 through June 14. The margin of error ranges from 1.6% to 2.6%…

Support for law enforcement abolition is drastically higher among the young. About 45% percent of those under age 30 support the idea, compared with roughly 13% of those over age 55. Those who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color offer more support (34%) than whites (26%). Democrats (36%) similarly outpace Republicans (11%) and non-affiliated voters (28%) in liking the idea.

• A slight majority of Oregonians support reducing some police funding — rather than scrapping their local department — in order to pay for more public health, education and social services. About 53% support some police cuts, while 40% oppose it and 8% are unsure. Support is highest among the young (61%) but remains significant (39%) even among those older than 75.

• More than two-thirds (72%) of state residents support banning officers from using chokeholds, 21% are opposed to a ban and 7% remain unsure. College graduates (82%) offer a higher rate of agreement, compared to high school grads (63%).

• About 44% of all polled gave the thumbs up to a ban on police use of tear gas and crowd-control munitions, while 48% gave the thumbs down and 8% were unsure. Women (49%) evinced more support than men (37%).

• Some 63% support banning no-knock warrants, with 30% opposed. Likewise, 63% also support allowing police officers to be sued in civil court over excessive damages, with 29% opposed.

• Requiring police officers to intervene when other cops use excessive force garnered support from 88%, with just 7% not in favor of the proposal. Requiring police departments to release officer disciplinary records is supported by 71% of poll respondents, while 20% said no to that idea.

Before too many average citizens come around regarding what’s happening, some woke Democrats have come around themselves, at least as to the damage the chaos is doing to the Brand and the Cause.

“Police violence has gone unrecognized in my community,” said one poll respondent who identified as white. “White people had their eyes opened by (the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Another Democrat-aligned poll respondent disagreed: “‘Defund the police’ and similar rhetoric has turned many in the community off to the basic message of injustice.”

Ebony and Ivory

A man shot by a Portland cop last night has died:

The subject involved in the officer involved shooting has died at the hospital.

On Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 7:06p.m., North Precinct officers were dispatched to a report of a welfare check on a white adult male dressed in all black at a motel in the 500 block of Northeast Holladay Street. After officers arrived with paramedics, they encountered a man matching that description and an officer involved shooting took place.

In a common occurrence the police were called because a mentally unstable man was behaving erratically or assaulting people in the street. Police are revealing nothing at this point but that and that a shooting occurred. Rumor is rife.

Immediately antifa propagandists sent out the call for action, alleging another black victim of police violence:



The audio of the “interview” mentioned above has yet to appear and the tweets remain up, but neither of these characters, Grace Morgan or Griffin Malone, have updated their reportage, as of this writing, despite the fact early last night the cops–who’ve so far said barely more than that a shooting took place–revealed the race of the now deceased as white.

(notably as “a white man in all black”, like antifa)

Antifa sublimated their disappointment in affected outrage at the very notion they would be any less outraged, and the cynicism of the cops’ transparent, buzzkilling move.


Among the rumors out there is that the shooter was a black cop and that the white perp was armed with a knife and had slashed someone (someone BIPOC!) before the encounter with police.

This takes place as the state endures a record heat wave.

Update: Koin 6 News here reports witnesses say the cop shot a man attempting to stab another:

Police Abolitionists Winning by Attrition, Still

Last week Multnomah County District Attorney MIke Schmidt charged a Portland cop with assault for an extra baton push or two to the back of a fallen rioter’s head last August 18, the same night the group tried to set fire to the Multnomah County Office Building.

Police internal affairs cleared him after an investigation. The rioter/photojournalist recently won a settlement in civil court–I don’t know what bearing that has on the DA’s decision, timing or prospects in court. The DA might be moving on these slight charges (fourth degree assault, a class A misdemeanor) to appease the left after he recently felt compelled to charge some of the more serious riot offenses of last summer and May Day of this year.

Schmidt threw a bone–with a crushing backhand–to the cops in his announcement:

“I want to start by thanking and acknowledging the Portland Police Bureau for their dedicated work on this investigation into one of their own,” Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a statement Tuesday after the charges were filed. “I further want to thank the many members of the Portland Police Bureau who have showed up night after night in response to civil demonstrations that have at times turned violent. Despite these pressures, these law enforcement professionals remained professional, and their actions lawful.

Notably it’s not that “most” cops do their jobs honorably, but “many”, while the “mostly peaceful protesters” canard remains intact. Hapless police chief Chuck Lovell pleaded conflict of interest by way of involvement in the internal investigation and now legal case, and made no statement. The response by the defiant police union head got the usual bare notice–he can’t get arrested.

Then of course all fifty cops voluntarily assigned to the Bureau’s riot squad quit the detail in protest. Another place, another time maybe for such a move’s chances of shaming leadership or improving the cops’ position. Never one to fear shame or leave an opportunity for improving position unexploited, city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, declaring the move proof of guilt in Maoist fashion, seized on the opportunity to push for disbanding the unit altogether. The Daily Mail:

City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty gloated in a statement on Thursday that the- resignations are a sign that ‘the good old boy network is crumbling and we can either be a part of the change or part of the status quo – but the arc of justice is bending quickly and it’s imperative that the Portland City Council lands on the right side of history’…

Hardesty, who proposed doing away with the crowd-control unit last fall, said her statement that the en masse resignations ‘are yet another example of a rogue paramilitary organization that is unaccountable to the elected officials and residents of Portland.’

She continued: ‘earlier this week, for the first time in Portland’s history, an officer from PPB’s Rapid Response Team was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a photojournalist during a protest last summer. 

Portland cops, like Minneapolis’, are probably among the nation’s least corrupt or cruel. Here the ferocity of antifa’s attack on the police reflects their mostly unchallenged power and the city’s wealth and prospects. The activist grifter goes, like the bank robber, where the money is.

But the demoralizing of the police and decimation of their ranks proceed apace. Their move had no chance of shaming political leadership or public apathy, and like everything that happens now, what we’re served is a demonstration of how one-party rule with compliant media works.

Portland Dispatch June 23: Lost Highway

Portland Police will no longer stop drivers for traffic violations not deemed an immediate threat to safety.

On Tuesday, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell announced that he’s directed all officers to only focus on policing traffic violations that threatens [sic] public safety. This would limit officers from pulling over drivers for low-level infractions, like a broken headlight during daylight hours or expired tags—policies that have historically been used as pretext to predominately stop and question drivers of color.

Black drivers have long been overrepresented in traffic stops in Portland. Portland Police Bureau (PPB) data shows that in 2019, 18 percent of all traffic stops involved Black drivers, despite Black people making up 6 percent of the city’s population. This disparity is magnified when officers are assigned to deter gang activity: In 2018, a city audit found that 59 percent of drivers stopped by PPB’s former Gang Enforcement Team were Black.

Traffic stops were used by the now-disbanded Gang Enforcement Team to harass and sometimes intercept gangbangers before they can engage in retribution killings.

The city’s nominal police chief Chuck Lovell contends the net effect will be greater public safety–by allowing broken headlights (apparently specifically mentioned is pulling people over for not having their lights on at night), unregistered vehicles and unlicensed drivers. One wonders why we’ve left this public benefit laying in the gutter all this time! And that it can be realized not by the expenditure of resources, but by saving them! The logic follows that of other reforms: remove the police, negate the laws and black people, finally, will thrive.

Lovell mentioned that these changes, specifically regarding violations, will improve the rate of traffic fatalities along with the city’s ability to police equitably. According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), the city has seen a 47 percent increase in traffic deaths in 2021, compared to this same time in 2020—an increase from 17 deaths to 25. Directing officers to focus on only pulling over people for violations that threaten safety will free up officers’ time to prioritize driving issues that could turn fatal.

Like most things, Portland’s leadership is ignorant of the increase in black traffic accidents in the George Floyd era that Steve Sailer calls “the Racial Wreckening”:

The sudden slaughter on the highways of blacks (black road deaths were up 55% in June 2020 over June 2019) is obviously due to the Racial Reckoning leading to black feelings above suddenly being above the law and the cops backing off making traffic stops of blacks driving badly as The Establishment was demanding.

Leader of the police abolition movement and city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty approves of course:

“I strongly support today’s announcement that PPB will no longer pursue minor traffic violations and will limit car searches, while informing drivers of their constitutional rights during these encounters,” Hardesty wrote. “This allows the police to focus on traffic violations that pose an immediate safety threat and other higher priority crime mitigation efforts, such as solving crimes related to the increase in gun violence.”

Get that? We’ve pulled police off the streets, so now we have more resources for solving the attendant increase in murders. Likewise, I imagine, taking traffic enforcement away from the police will free up their time for more important things, like responding to all the fatal accidents. Portland logic.

Postmodern Saint

George Floyd has earned his sainthood. Floyd achieved in nine minutes and 29 seconds more than the collective left has achieved in the last decade, hastening perhaps the death-blow in their long fight against Western Civilization–and he did it on Fentanyl. They owe him a statue or two.

Monuments are tiny fractions of the surplus wealth eminent individuals create, given back as tributes; the billion-plus, and counting, George Floyd’s lurid and ultimate sacrifice produced can finance no end of monuments. It would be a grave omission if Floyd didn’t have several.

A cult, in the classical sense of the cultivation and “care” for Floyd as a kind of local deity, is of course already here, in the graffiti and tacky murals; in the credulous reporting and cringing essays that make up his legend. He joins a pantheon, along with Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown (another unfortunate face), one totemic head taller than those lesser deities, having achieved so much more.

George Floyd’s magnificent ugliness is no hindrance to religious veneration, and may help; the crude-featured massive head and its stony, inexpressive eyes–blank and dull, onto which the acolyte projects a sort of preternatural wisdom–remind me of nothing so much as the heads on Easter Island.

If you’re non-believer, a dissident or normie, cowed into silence, that face that one immediately, maybe furtively, associates with a familiar black malice and stupidity–an association born of harsh personal experience for most, yet increasingly unutterable due to repression; well, it just seems like the humiliation of being hectored by such a tacky prophet becomes the punitive point. Believe or suffer the misery of sight is the choice–or check out. People now cultivate ignorance, nod along to the absurd and look at the sidewalk as they walk past the gaudy, violent iconography of the new order. Insulate, insulate, insulate as the wealthy stock broker says in Bonfire of the Vanities, that’s how you get by; now a necessity for every common man, psychic insulation from the bombardment. We sit like Viet Cong in our bunkers as B-52s with BLM paint schemes drop rainbow-colored bombs on the countryside, brushing the occasional falling dirt from our laptops and phones, where we try to navigate Globohomo’s increasingly poisonous content.

Perhaps this explains why so many accept it: they see no choice, with the political, social and cultural worlds all captured by the new dispensation and dissent not just barred but increasingly perilous: why continue to see? Why torture yourself–nothing can be done after all–by considering the perverse comedy of turning over the country to its most incapable people, as a reward for their persistent dysfunction, who in turn, too dull to see the con, condescend to explain things to their moral and intellectual betters–and are we not that, after all?

Portland Dispatch June 2: Flags and Hags

Andy Ngo was discovered infiltrating an antifa march last Friday night, beaten and chased into a hotel.

People in a May 28 protest crowd in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center chased, tackled and punched someone they believed to be right-wing author Andy Ngo, pursuing him through the streets of Portland until he hid inside The Nines hotel.

The enraged group pulled on the hotel’s front doors and shouted, “You wanna kill us? You wanna kill us, Andy?” at The Nines staff while the hotel staff frantically tried to hold the entrance closed.

Antifa have hated Ngo long before they developed the rationalization that he was a mortal threat, by “providing atomwaffen with kill lists”, mostly by posting publicly available arrestee names and mugshots. With this justification, they’ve declared him fair game and it sounds like he received a pretty good beating before they let him get away.

A group of five to 10 people in identity-obscuring clothing called “black bloc” followed the person they suspected of being Ngo for blocks, inquiring who he was. At one point, the person they pursued said his name was Jake. In front of the AC Marriott, the group tried to unmask the unknown man. He ran for blocks until someone in the pursuing group tackled him—at Southwest 4th Avenue and Morrison Street—and punched him several times after his head hit the brick sidewalk.

A nearby man holding a skateboard admonished the group, saying that their quarry looked like he’d “had enough.” However, when someone nearby shouted that the person they were assaulting was Ngo, the skateboard-carrying man changed his attitude, swearing and joining the group.

Only as I was writing this did Ngo take to Twitter to confirm his identity, five days after the assault:

The Nines Hotel downtown is fairly swanky, and the Denver Nuggets were staying there during the little siege Friday night. This isn’t the first time the hotel was used as sanctuary for antifa’s would-be victims; I recall during the post-election rioting of 2016 a group besieging the lobby after someone wearing a MAGA hat fled within.

Some people are suggesting a man found floating in the Willamette River after going missing on May 1, May Day, was abducted off the street by antifa. He was last heard from on a phone call telling a friend he was being followed by someone through downtown Portland.

Also this weekend Ted Wheeler braved another night out and was assailed by a concerned citizen who said he “…gasses children in their homes where they cancer and die!”

Jo Ann Hardesty and faction were outraged when noticing a contractor working for the city had “thin blue line” flags on their trucks, shamefully and openly displayed:

The terrifying imagery:

The company has declined to remove the flags and Hardesty is issuing vague threats.

I’m convinced the anarchist movement here is suffering a crisis of numbers and cohesion–barely able to work up a beat-down of dainty Andy Ngo. Infighting is hinted at in their communications and nothing energizes, still, like defending the blacks against the Man, so they await the next George Floyd. But how much longer they can count on black rage is less a question than how much more can they themselves endure–of the most exhausting creature on the planet, the delusional and angry black American.

Carnac the All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Omniscient, All-Woke…

Much is being made of the performance of faux-negro teacher Katherine Watkins in a professional development Zoom meeting for teachers sponsored by the Beaverton School District. Beaverton Oregon is outside of Portland; outside of Portland the “browning” of the population with recent immigrants has been policy and is leading to predictable outcomes in student test scores and woke demagogy. Watkins may indeed have some precious quotient of black blood in there, but, ironically, it’s hard to make out behind all her extravagant signaling of blackness–to the point of caricature here. Something I’m sure not lost on people like, say, the more melanin-endowed Joy Brown next to her.

(Seems to me there’s a sweet spot for the ambitious mixed-race hustler, between one-quarter and one-half black, where one might inherit white qualities inherent to success, yet appear fully black enough to, for one thing, avoid the inevitable sorting out of the barely–or questionably–black strivers, that can be fairly anticipated as the negrophilia movement advances or declines from here.)

The point is an awful lot of damage is done by those with a more tenuous claim to black privilege, the fakers and the marginally melanated; they have to try harder, and will have to try harder still, whether their movement succeeds or fails, as the rush for spoils intensifies either way. Ridicule is appropriate but insufficient.

I’ve no idea how representative the above group is of Beaverton’s teachers, or students, but it’s significant the only white guys are Kevin the sign language interpreter and Josh Porter he, him. I’d like a peek into his psyche for some enlightenment on the effects of all this madness.

Watkins gives away the striver-element of the game, and her own appropriation scheme, in her screed:

Our district is only getting browner and browner with our children. Obviously, you can’t change your melanin, alright, but you can change your mind, so that you can actually function in a district that is full of BIPOC children.

No, you can’t change your melanin, but you can buy authentic African headdresses online.

The Equity-Anti Bias Anti Racist District Wide Summit 2021, “Equity ABAR Summit” above seems, beneath all the vapid platitudes, dedicated to making teachers more proactive in assailing their white students with critical race theory propaganda.

Anyway, Watkins sees the future and provides the answers, like another broadly comedic character: