Children in the US are being “groomed” by teachers en masse, and that grooming is political, going well beyond sexualization and introducing ever younger children to “gender” chaos. The deliberate culture of grooming in place now seeks to inculcate children in every aspect of progressive critical demagogy, with of course a strong emphasis on critical race theory.

To instant notoriety a “social justice summer camp” created by Portland anarchists stumbled into the news cycle this week, drawing unwanted attention that, of course, instantly became mortal threats necessitating the donation of money. From the ensuing gofundme:

Help Budding Roses host a fun, free social justice camp for Portland-area youth!

Budding Roses launched in 2017 as a free, radical social justice summer camp in East Portland for youth in 3rd-9th grade. For four summers, we have provided two-week summer camps including workshops on social justice issues, art projects, outdoor recreation, and free meals and school supplies. For the past two years, we created COVID-safe “Camp Kits” and delivered them to 70 families so our campers could continue learning and creating together even while socially-distanced. Now we need your help to host our first in-person camp in two years!

The camp is the product of the “Black Rose Anarchist Federation”, that somehow doesn’t list Portland among its local chapters. BRRN (as they style themselves, for Black Rose/Rosa Negra; their site features Spanish language content) says the two-week event is now “independent” of BRRN, which makes me suspect the camp is getting public funds now, and BRRN has discreetly stepped back.

BRRN is likely associated with Rose City Antifa, Portland’s primary antifa outfit, Portland being a small town and its genuine, committed anarchists not that great in number (I suspect; during the year of near-nightly antifa actions set off by George Floyd’s death the larger gatherings, after the early nights when the low-IQ apolitical knuckleheads looking for thrills went home, tended to top out at about a hundred antifa; from this I infer the total number can’t be much higher than, say, two hundred die-hard antifa in Portland proper).

George Floyd’s overdose necessitated turning Budding Roses’ curriculum over entirely to critical race theory and kitsch in 2020, at the same time Covid–fortuitously for the curious–necessitated taking that curriculum online where virtual versions of the camp’s planned activities can still be accessed. There is a printable Black Lives Matter coloring book:

How many blunts has that kid smoked?

There is a furious zine where a fork-toothed frog brings together the various resentments and calumnies; nothing is spared:

As Black As Resistance by Zoe Samudzi and William C . Anderson in a zine-style adaptation for kids. Learn about colonialism, anti-blackness, intersectionality, self-defense and more!

First, of course, kids learn new words and “big ideas” about things like violence that sound like they come from Mr Rogers, if he really had been the deadliest sniper in Vietnam and was having flashbacks:

There is more on “self defense” later. But there are lots of new words and “big ideas” still.

In other words, kids must learn to immediately associate circumstances like those below with such as “white supremacy”:

Dumbing down already obtuse theory for kiddies has the effect of distilling it in all its crude hostility for adults; it’s literally “white man bad”:

Blood or tear drops? No matter: white rich man bring ’em both!

Your contempt for every aspect of the United States must be complete, Grasshopper:

Having filled the kids up with a dose of extreme anger or profound shame, depending on their demographic, they are introduced to another “new” definition and “big idea” about self defense–violence is “self defense” if one invokes white supremacy or is black:

While “self defense” doesn’t necessarily mean violence, it can mean violence, for which the antifa amphibian wants kids to be prepared, because, wise-up-you-little-fuckers, non-violence “isn’t the world we live in today”. Also, black violence is inherently self defense:

I’ve just started having a look at this point.

6 thoughts on “Kindergroomin’

  1. I often wonder that the increase in property price isn’t the result of whites being cordoned off into smaller and smaller areas. In ultra-progressive DC a house in the white northwest quadrant similar in style, square footage and lot size equal distance to the federal triangle is twice as expensive as a house in the all-black southeast quadrant. We’re talking maybe four miles to the triangle. And there are many blacks in DC with high paying affirmative action jobs. They’re not poor or disadvantaged at all.

    I don’t think anything like this could fly in DC. Way too many blacks all over the place acting like total assholes. In order to sentimentalize blacks and POC you’ve got to live far, far away with a lot of land around.


      1. That’s surprising. According to the 2020 census the black % in Portland is 5.9. I’m very interested in this stuff so keep up the good work. I’m not criticizing your research but merely pointing out a regional difference.

        My experience with many white liberals in high density black areas is sooner or later they come to terms with reality. No sane white in DC would ever consider these proposals. And these whites are fanatical progressives, many professional NGO types.

        DC now spends $25,000 per year for every man, woman and child. Portland city budget is $9,441 per capita by comparison, which is very high. Cops shoot blacks all the time in DC and no one is going to freak out. The one area where blacks are winning would be the subway. It’s almost completely broken and nobody wants to ride on it. Too dangerous and unreliable. Since the Floyd transfiguration and ascension blacks are more aggressive and able to patronize white restaurants, bars and even offices. Black shakedown artist types are buying expensive cars and jewelry.

        Of course there is more crime and other anti-social behavior, car-jacking being a top choice. Overall, I would say race relations in DC are worse then since the MLK riots in 1968, but the whites can’t admit it so the lying deepens.

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