More Rad Camp Curricula: Kill a Nazi for Mammy

I bring you more from the 2020 online curriculum of the “Budding Roses” camp for radicalizing kids, grades 3-9, started by Portland anarchists.

Ironically our radical anarchists toed the same line as liberal normies when George Floyd’s overdose became the Mother of All Current Things, and the anarchists’ grim summer camp for kids became no doubt grimmer when they devoted it entirely to the myth of black oppression. Thus the police abolitionist material below. Add the recurring psychological manipulation normalizing and preparing the kids for violence–as “self defense” of blacks (heretofore “Blacks!“; if I could dress the letters up in illuminated bling, I would) and there are only two things happening here: gaslighting kiddie campers about black “oppression” and psychologically manipulating them to be ready to fight and die for Black! “self defense”.

Granted, the potential gain to anarchy of a two-week camp for some tiny number of kids that might make them more likely to rebel in the end, might strike you as no big deal when things are going to hell everywhere already, but the material is telling at least of the ambitions of our “anarchists” and their Establishment frenemies. So let’s have a look and try to do something more than the typical point-and-titter, at Prison Industrial Complex From Critical Resistance.

Critical Resistance (CR) is a national grassroots organization working to abolish the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

Critical Resistance wants to abolish all police and prisons and organizes letter-writing campaigns for inmates like they were soldiers at war, because for Critical Resistance they are.

The questionable trope that nobody ever needed a cop before his slave ran away is repeated:

If police are slave patrols prisons are plantations, or something.

I don’t doubt prisons are dehumanizing places, mostly because of the prisoners, but prisons were originally supposed to rehabilitate the penitent, hence the name penitentiary.

The “prison industrial complex” naturally includes immigration enforcement.

Abolition is the only answer because “we know” the “PIC” is irreformable.  Forgive my racism, but I think it might be that black people are irreformable, at least as long as America continues to indulge their worst impulses in the name of justice.  This is why I say blacks are the nuclear fuel rod of political demagogy, radiating energy in perpetuity through the consequences of their shameful collective behavior.

But nobody listens to me, thank God.

Abolitionists don’t really like police body cams, because they tend to reduce complaints against police.  “Shot spotter” technology also, because police react to shots fired, and abolitionists, until the day all police and prisons are abolished, seek to limit police interaction with their communities, without regard for outdated notions of “community safety”.  Portland is establishing both body cams and shot spotter technology, after some activist grumbling.  

I’m genuinely disappointed there’s no Foucault for Kids project (do anarchists know of bad taste?) but their stress on surveillance in prisons (seems like the worst things that happen to you in prison happen when the authorities aren’t looking, but) reassures me the old pederast is still read by the kids at Critical Resistance.

These guys talk about “squash[ing] political dissent like they know something about it.  Also they seem totally cool with surveillance and the violation of privacy in their squashing of “far right” political dissent.

As my grandfather would have said, had I had a relationship to a grandfather and he had been a saucy old fart, that’s enough shit shoveled for today.

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