Portland Dispatch March 15: Trouble Among the Rank

update: an antifa adjacent acquaintance reported last night a “special meeting” was called by antifa to address the open dissension reported below.

Portland anarchists’ ongoing insurgency against law, order and decency was reinvigorated last Thursday when authorities attempted removing the last barriers protecting the Mark O Hatfield Courthouse downtown. Within hours of the steel fence being removed black bloc anarchists, marching now for the putative cause of opposing an oil pipeline through Indian land in Minnesota, were chased off by police after assailing the building and breaking one of the massive store-front style windows.

That night protesters were back trying to set fire to the plywood boarding up front. When I visited early the morning after the air was still noxious with tear gas–mostly in the park across the street, as if infusing and emanating from the grass and trees there. Now the building is back to its most fortified state–the fence sections previously taken down were on their way to DC and had to be recalled:

The U.S. Department of Justice decided the fence was removed prematurely after people continued to break windows and spray paint graffiti on the courthouse building the last several nights.

Officials overseeing the return of the fence said it had been 15 miles out of Portland, on a truck headed to Washington, D.C., when the truck was directed to return to Portland.

Saturday night hundreds were in attendance to resume the fight, now in the name of Breonna Taylor. Surveying anarchist Twitter Sunday reveals dissension in their ranks between what sounds like black grifters and earnest white anarchists. A group in the former category calling itself The Portland Protest Bureau (formerly Black Unity PDX), is accused of having “swooped” in to claim leadership of an action Saturday night they had no hand in organizing.

Laura Jedeed is one of the better and braver propagandists on their side who’s been less afraid to call out black grift* than her fellows. She reported on Saturday’s antifa goat-fuck:

“Princess” was a fixture at the protests in summer and was one of the hangers-on present for antifa security’s savage beating of Adam Haner**, who was put in a coma for trying to talk them out of beating a transsexual they had robbed and roughed up. Also present for that was Michael Reinhoehl, antifa security member, who weeks later murdered Proud Boy Aaron Danielson on the street. Princess is an overweight young black guy who, I assume, identifies as a female despite making no efforts to present as one.

The black swooper/grifters apparently showed up with a videographer in tow, Mason Lake, who’s been identified, rightly or wrongly, as a federal snitch by the movement. Rumors are they’re making or trying to sell a documentary to Netflix or some other establishment outlet.

Another earnest stalwart of the anarchist movement:

The “violent teens” were a very young group of black and brown kid-thugs who terrorized the blocks around the occupation at the height of summer’s madness. They cleared the streets of homeless and other vulnerable types and were rumored to be controlled, somewhat, by antifa security. I filmed them beating down a very young black bloc anarchist (who said he was protecting a homeless man they’d set upon) shortly before the Haner beat-down.***

The jockeying to be “famous” is definitely a factor for many if not most people seeking to take leadership roles or establish themselves as press, especially blacks. There was a giddy air early on when many anarchist-allied livestreamers and local press were garnering national attention, being interviewed on friendly national media like MSNBC and being published in the New York Times. The press and livestreamers were eventually brought under control through intimidation by the genuine anarchists behind the movement who now maintain, mostly, narrative control. Black activists or livestreamers are more difficult for anarchist leadership to bring in line, enjoying as they do their sacralized position and a much lower sense of shame, or self-awareness.

*Laura’s mini-documentary on the black grifters who co-opted white antifa’s successful “Riot Ribs” mutual aid operation, replacing it with “BLM Ribs”; after that miserable enterprise persisted for a time mostly ignored (people were curiously uninterested in food prepared by drugged-out thugs); eventually they sacked and chased out a wretched tent encampment nearby because it was drawing donations to which they felt entitled:

“BLM Ribs” was the last pathetic presence of the summer’s occupation of Lownsdale Park across from the federal courthouse. One night not long after this a carload of armed thugs came along and cleared them out, and the tale came to a close.




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