Meet the New Gloss

Ted Wheeler declares war, calling out antifa and anarchy both 10:26;

Pro-criminal DA Mike Schmidt inaugurated live 12:21;

Officer 44 Update 1:28:30;

Criminal accused of attempted murder of a police officer escapes from the Justice Center, because of Covid protocols:…

While Dahlen was in the holding room, two members of a contracted cleaning crew were doing COVID-19 disinfecting in the Detective Division. The protocol during the pandemic has been to do daily enhanced cleaning and disinfecting to protect suspects who are being held in those rooms. One of the cleaning crew members opened the door to the holding room, then closed it again after they realized the room was occupied. Preliminary investigations leave investigators to believe that the door did not fully latch after it was closed. Sometime after the cleaning crew members left, investigators believe Dahlen pushed the door from the inside, found it to be insecure, and got out.


Underworld, “Jumbo”…

“Lights of Portland”, Derek Dahms

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