Vevimvir, Universal Woman or Man of Mystery

I came across the “pronouns” ve/vem/vir somewhere and, I don’t know why, looked it up (with the ongoing profusion of these I expect something like a narrative Thirty Years’ War to winnow out the weak ).

Ve/vem/vir is the new “universal pronoun” not indicating sex.

Singular they, while not horrible, adds unnecessary ambiguity to the language – we never know whether “they” refers to one person or many in sentences like “they’re making a real mess of the place.” It also sounds extremely unnatural when coupled with a proper name (e.g. “Casey knew they were running out of time.” or “Rory tripped over their laundry.” )

ze/hir has often been used as a personal pronoun by people of nonbinary (neither strictly male nor female) gender. If you talk about someone using ze/hir pronouns, it’s often assumed that these are that person’s personal pronouns. ve/vem/vir, on the other hand, is a universal gender-neutral pronoun – it gives no indication of its subject’s gender. It can be used for people of any gender (or unknown gender) without confusion.*

*Some people prefer you stick to using their personal pronouns rather than any universal gender-neutral sets. Please respect their wishes!

The linguistic carnage effected by the reign of “pronouns” and the moral logic of that reign made the de-sexed “universal” pronoun, where one may infer sex(ual identity) only upon consent, inevitable. It is a mystery to be revealed, or not, I guess. The ultimate right, in the logic of pronouns.

The lunatics behind this don’t care about damage to the language caused by the pronoun confusion they’re enforcing, of course, but it does make the whole project that much more ungainly and, despite all evidence, I don’t think our pain and confusion is the end goal. Also they too have to labor under their silly rules and seek relief.

Many of us now personally know the fraught experience of working with the gender-confused and the necessity to police one’s language. I’ve been there more than once–I find myself not engaging these people at all, knowing I’ll trip up quickly. They, in their turn, think I’m unfriendly–and despite the evil madness of this movement, many, many of those caught up in its sway, particularly young women seeking to become men or sexless, are in fact sympathetic people up close.

But my clamming up and the inference they probably make–that I’m unfriendly or bigoted–is a dynamic playing out all over right now, I imagine. So if there is a pronoun reckoning, Vevimvir stands waiting, to clear up all the confusion–which has only just begun. If no one can keep track of all the pronouns–and who can?–then we’ll eventually have to sweep away the profusion of ever-more particular pronouns and institute a benign dictatorship of the one approved Mother of all Pronouns (just don’t call it that) Vevimvir.

And everybody will have to adopt it–to be fair.

One thought on “Vevimvir, Universal Woman or Man of Mystery

  1. “ despite the evil madness of this movement, many, many of those caught up in its sway, particularly young women seeking to become men or sexless, are in fact sympathetic people up close.”

    This has been my personal experience as well.

    It is my opinion that the majority of the genderless are not participants in a movement nor are they mentally ill (although some clearly are). I think many of them adopt these personas as an affectation, much like teenagers in my youth took up smoking cigarettes to look tough or sophisticated, depending on their cultural role models.

    Unfortunately, most of those people ended up deeply regretting that decision. I suspect that may also be the case with the current era’s fashion victims.


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