The University of Portland has removed at least one figure from its Captain William Clark Monument on its North Portland campus.

The bronze statue of York, who was Clark’s slave, was gone Wednesday afternoon. Workers appeared to be preparing the monument’s two remaining figures, of Clark and an unnamed Native guide, for removal.

The monument, dedicated in 1988, is intended to depict Clark naming Mount Jefferson, called Seekseekqua or Kuassal Teminbi by tribes that originally inhabited the land. The eastern portion is on what is now the Warm Springs Reservation.

The university has yet to respond to questions about the removal of the York statue and the school’s future plans for the monument.

Historical monuments tied to slavery and colonization have drawn renewed attention in the weeks the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

“These statues stand as a visual reminder that three races contributed to the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition — symbolic of the first integrated society in Oregon country,” a plaque on the monument reads.