DisABLEing the Police

Comes now the humiliations. Seattle Police brass are volunteering their cops to be subjected to “peer intervention” training by progressive law professors–condescending to train them to intervene when fellow officers cross the line. The Seattle Police Blog:

The Seattle Police Department has been accepted into the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project, Georgetown University Law Center’s national training and support initiative for U.S. law enforcement agencies committed to building a culture of peer intervention that prevents harm.

By demonstrating agency commitment to transformational reform with support from local community groups and elected leaders, the SPD joins a select group of more than 60 other law enforcement agencies and statewide and regional training academies chosen to participate in the ABLE Project’s national rollout. To date, hundreds of agencies across the country have expressed interest in participating.

Backed by prominent civil rights and law enforcement leaders, the evidence-based, field-tested ABLE Project was developed by Georgetown Law’s Innovative Policing Program in collaboration with global law firm Sheppard Mullin LLP to provide practical active bystandership strategies and tactics to law enforcement officers to prevent misconduct, reduce officer mistakes, and promote health and wellness. 

ABLE gives officers the tools they need to overcome the innate and powerful inhibitors all individuals face when called upon to intervene in actions taken by their peers.

Project ABLE (Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement) is the project of former Obama Justice Department lawyers settled in at Georgetown’s law school and wreaking the usual havoc.

Years of academic research and on-the-ground experience has shown us that effective active bystandership can be taught. The Georgetown Innovative Policing Program, partnering with global law firm Sheppard Mullin, has created Project ABLE* (Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement) to prepare officers to successfully intervene to prevent harm and to create a law enforcement culture that supports peer intervention.

Project ABLE is a national hub for training, technical assistance, and research, all with the aim of creating a police culture in which officers routinely intervene as necessary to:

  • Prevent misconduct

  • Avoid police mistakes, and

  • Promote officer health and wellness.

The insincere last bullet point must come like a twist of the knife for police, who will sit for 8 hours of this “training”.

Building upon a training developed by Dr. Ervin Staub, the Founding Director of a program on the psychology of peace and violence, to help police officers stop unnecessary harmful behavior by fellow officers, in 2014, Dr. Staub, other consultants, and the New Orleans Police Department developed the EPIC Peer Intervention Program. Project ABLE builds upon EPIC and Dr. Staub’s prior work to develop and deliver practical, scenario-based training for police agencies in the strategies and tactics of police peer intervention.

Ervin Staub says he was rescued from Hungary by Raoul Wallenberg, leading him to study the psychology of bystander intervention. It appears he was mostly retired when the Obama Administration came along and his ideas, such as they are, were picked up by lawyers in Eric Holder’s Justice Department launching the Black Lives Matter campaign in the more aggressive second Obama term. Some of those same lawyers of course are now behind the Georgetown project.

The majority black New Orleans Police Department was the nation’s most corrupt for a time, but it was after Hurricane Katrina that it would get investigated and slapped with a consent decree for the usual “pattern of civil rights violations”.  Law firm Shepard Mullin, a major donor behind the ABLE project, was selected to act as “Consent Decree Monitor”.

Dr Staub, who appears to be Jerry Seinfeld’s long-lost bald twin, seems to be having a blast:

“Xenophobia, what’s the deal with that amirite?”

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