No Conspiracy Necessary

Steve Sailer on schools throwing out SAT requirements:

But this need to improvise new rules empowered the current year’s ignorant, science-denialist ideas about “racial justice.” No longer could the people running American colleges just kick the can down the road on college testing’s race gaps because now they had to make some changes. And they wound up making extremely destructive permanent alterations, with many colleges junking a testing system that had evolved intelligently during the Depression and Cold War when Americans needed to make smart choices.

Boldface added. With the ascent of Trump the gloves came off. Heretofore any social concern or project, even emergencies–such as a response to a pandemic–must serve the progressive project to remake America, to consolidate a revolution effected by near-stealth over a half century of media manipulation, to “rebuild” and “reimagine” whole institutions in its vague and unrealistic image. Every utilization of resources, every project now must follow this pattern, the nap in the fabric of decline.

Rest assured, if and when the giant meteor comes to claim earth, our moral superiors will adapt it to the Narrative and the time we have remaining they will conspire to dedicate to “black lives” or some similar comedy as they cling to power and wealth to the bitter end.

You almost want to see it.

We can next expect to see the fiscal austerity that will follow this year’s Covid restrictions and rioting doing what political demagogy couldn’t achieve. When your Democratic city needs to cut tens of millions of dollars next year, it won’t be looking first to its various diversity grift schemes but to the police.

Our not-yet-named revolution unfolded over the last half century with the steady conditioning of Americans with propaganda that hectored, shamed, seduced. What they have managed to do is to turn an entire culture against its own, against the family and against the individual. If no single individual or distinct group is responsible–and this is the conventional view, absent, “conspiracy theories”–does it somehow become less tragic, less catastrophic, less evil? 

There is no public interest any more. There is only this consolidation. What is the public, after all, when 70 million of them, in voting for Trump, are considered irredeemable–as determined by the rabbinic scholars of CNN and MSNBC, compiling a Walmart Talmud of our new order.

But I want to consider conspiracy and culture. Where one ends and the other begins is never clear.

“Conspiracy theories”, the trope, serves a purpose for the conspiring, after all (and I believe it was none other than Bugman non pareille Cass Sunstein who once openly proposed creating and releasing them to confound conservatives and other troublemakers) in delegitimizing dissent in the eyes of the ever-distracted normie. But you shouldn’t need a Council of Elders to criticize Jewry, or a global pedophile ring to fight Globohomo. In their introduction and easy refutation conspiracy theories provide little pockets that swallow up popular energy like black holes and distract from the reality in its complexity. The conspiracy is everywhere, after all, when the class of people in charge of media and money have taken up against those without.

I had taken to flippantly saying we’re up against “a culture not a conspiracy” often; but the culture is the conspiracy now, has been for a long time, and if the individual disdains to fight because of its totality–who can blame him? If it was merely a question of a cabal somewhere that could be gotten at; well, that’s something with a chance. But when his very culture and institutions, his co-ethnics, his family, are against him; where does he even start?

Let’s say his situation is in fact hopeless. Are those responsible for this blameless? Justified? Is there someone responsible for this? Or, is individual agency so diffuse, so spread out in vast cultural shifts, and the individual so in thrall to the culture, for it is all he knows, that there is no moral failing here at all, no sin? This is how we tend to think of it, how we’re encouraged to think of it: the form humanity takes is morally indifferent, like continental drift. Responsibility doesn’t exist; agency is an illusion. Convenient story, if you’re the elite, and easy for obscure me to believe in my powerlessness.

For us Westerners–despite critical race theory’s slander–morality is seen more through the lens of individual rather than group responsibility. We find ourselves nearly defenseless when up against a culture that conspires against us. An individual white can be shamed into guilt over George Floyd but will never resent for a moment his black neighbor for the hell of black culture.

Covid hysteria and the George Floyd hoax make for a useful comparison in considering conspiracy and culture. The former I take to be a “real thing”, that is there’s a real pandemic there (unable to trust Western media, I trust in the reaction of China and others to it, hilariously) that was utilized, in the way Sailer describes above, to advance any elite agenda it could. George Floyd’s homicide on the other hand was not “real” from the start–not a real national crisis in the absence of media manipulation. The conspiratorial element in the Covid response is adaptive; the conspiratorial element in the George Floyd hoax is causal.

The point is we shouldn’t care. If you’re wrecking my world, I don’t care if it’s an accident. I don’t care if the destruction of decency and order is incidental to the machinations of that class of people who are in power. Like I said: is it then no less a sin?

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