Six, Six, Six, the Number of da Schmidt

Six six six the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released

–Iron Maiden

Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt is Portland’s representative of the class of progressive prosecutors financed by Soros bucks ahead of last summer’s nationwide Black Lives Matter agitation. Elected in a landslide and taking office early as the retiring incumbent got out of Dodge just as the Summer of George was kicking off, Schmidt announced right away he would prosecute only the most extreme cases brought before him and has kept his word, disdaining to charge, among other things, felony rioting:  

Between May 28 and October 5, Portland police referred 974 cases to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s (MCDA) office related to alleged criminal activity at protests. The DA’s office has so far rejected 666 of those cases, on the grounds that they are either not severe enough to warrant prosecution, or there is insufficient evidence to prosecute them.

Boldface added. Schmidt is a proponent of “restorative justice”, which seeks to keep black criminals out of jail with intervention-style meetings between victim, criminal and “community members”; it sounds like the notorious Marquis Love, deranged mulatto and aspiring placekicker of the Adam Haner beating, got a light 20 month sentence under such a scheme:  

 Today, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that 26-year-old Marquise Love received a 20 month prison sentence after pleading guilty to assault in the third degree and felony riot.

The resolution of this case resulted after months of pretrial negotiations and a judicial settlement conference.

I would love to ask the DA just what someone caught red-handed has to negotiate with. His precious (half) blackness, I guess.

Law Enforcement Today is reporting a group turned up at Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s home on November 6 to harass him:

…Nov. 6. On that date, shortly before 7:15 p.m., the Portland Police Bureau received a call reporting there were people in front of Schmidt’s house, throwing rocks and they had almost hit the complainant and her dog.

We will not identify the caller out of respect for her privacy. With that said, the caller was not Schmidt.

This account suggests the demonstrators were right wing, or posing as right wing:

According to dispatch information, officers were sent to Schmidt’s house. According to the caller, three people were allegedly in front of Schmidt’s house allegedly making threats, saying that “BLOOD IS ON HIS HANDS,” with another one holding a “BLOWHORN.” The caller had no description of the individuals. Another notation in the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) said, “COMP CAME INSIDE OUT OF FEAR, AT LEAST 3 PPL, HAVE A MEGAPHN. HARD FOR COMP TO SEE (illegible) SINCE DARK, YELLING “ALL LIVES MATTER. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.”


Apparently Schmidt would not call police himself. If he wasn’t in the house his wife and two kids were in there alone–if this report is accurate:

Police received another call reporting that protesters were back out front, throwing rocks, and also said “THEY HAVE MOLOTOV COCKTAILS” and that “DA THAT LIVES HERE SHOULD THINK OF HIS FAMILY”

Dispatch showed that another caller was texting with someone named Clare Schmidt via Facebook Messenger who was inside the home with two children. The dispatcher advised that caller to “HAVE CLAIRE CALL 911 NOW.” Police arrived in the area and it was noted that “PROTESTERS LEFT, NOTHING GOING ON”

So something interesting has happened here, in that right wingers have expanded their tactics by targeting Schmidt, or antifa performed a false flag operation. Schmidt has prosecuted some criminal cases brought to him and antifa is unforgiving, to say the least. 

The political embarrassment for Schmidt in calling the police on progressive agitators is obvious–but I think he might welcome the chance to call them on right wingers. Whether this is an antifa hoax or not, Schmidt is probably now inclined to throw the book at any patriots he gets his hands on.

One thing has been made clear to the DA–he and his family are not safe at home. That’s okay Mike, whatever happens, we’ve got Restorative Justice waiting at the other end to make it all right again.

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