Trouble in Socialist Paradise

Antifa/BLM continues to nightly mount some form of demonstration or “direct action”, normally now outside of downtown Portland, with organized black bloc groups in the hundreds assailing police precincts, the police union hall and Mayor Wheeler’s divorce-necessitated condo, which he’s since abandoned because of Antifa harrassment (driven from a second home by female braying?).

Insurrectionist numbers are declining down to hardcore committed Antifa and a few furious blacks, in increasing disharmony.

Black speakers predominate at demonstrations now, in keeping with the movement’s determination to be led by blacks, who rail at length before supplicant whites about being marginalized and not getting paid. When the whites aren’t submitting to this, they’re busy organizing and sometimes throwing themselves at riot police. The dynamic is a predictable cliché: black freeloaders, grifters and thugs hustling naïve whites; even within the BLM movement its silly premises are comically contradicted.

Those earnest black bloc kids were out last night in teams blocking off streets for a small march as they do; sad they were, perhaps, at the low turnout and feel compared to midsummer, when the energy was high and they didn’t stand out as much. Blending into those crowds wasn’t just good for evading police; it made it harder for black predators as well. Now that the normie-adjacent element is gone, it’s just Antifa standing out there to be harangued, and sometimes assaulted, by their black “accomplices” (a movement term).

Perhaps because things are slowing down and there’s less grift (and attention) to go around, unhappy black protest leaders are calling out white press or livestreamers for “profiting” off of blacks, by taking donations when they, say, livestream black protest leaders complaining about them profiting off of blacks.

2 thoughts on “Trouble in Socialist Paradise

  1. I might have thought that white anarchists and Dionysian maenads would meld into a new political animal with naturally criminal and chaotic blacks but it doesn’t seem to be happening. The scenario you describe mirrors the very shaky alliance of technocrats and NGO types with college-educated blacks in Washington, DC. There, the whites use yoga studios, restaurants with European names and menus, micro-brew pubs, modern art and mandarin language schools to confuse and intimidate even college-educated blacks. And it worked quite well.

    But the covid panic has been a setback for the white gentrifiers. Many of their weapons in the front lines have gone out of business and the anti-police rhetoric has caused a (black) crime spike.

    Could antifa be the beginning of a white socialist party? Or: Are we heading into a simulation of Islam where fitna is not what offends the prophet but what offends any BiPOC at any given time? White liberals are going down in flames all over the place.

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