Working for the Weekend

A perfect storm is forming as rightwing patriots and antifa prepare to square off in Portland this Saturday, where the patriots plan to rally in a North Portland park. It’s not quite a month since Aaron Danielson was executed on the street after the last confrontation, when the patriots’ pro-Trump car caravan invaded downtown. The two sides’ hatred for one another is at fever pitch.

At the same time police capability is at a nadir, thanks to the lawfare of ACLU lawyers and at least one friendly federal judge, Portland Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler’s prohibition of the use of teargas–the specific reason the Multnomah County Sheriff and Oregon State Patrol have refused to assist the beleaguered Portland Police Bureau this Saturday–and of course the county’s district attorney’s expressed bias against charging rioters. The police chief spoke out of turn publicly when he declared his officers would use teargas if lives were endangered, drawing a rare public rebuke from Mayor Ted.

The patriots moved the demonstration from downtown to Delta Park, which is just over the bridge from Patriot Prayer’s home turf in Vancouver Washington. The city has denied them a permit, citing Covid restrictions. There is no hypocrisy here, as antifa never requests permits.

So the stage is set for larger, angrier crowds squaring off before a demoralized, exhausted, understaffed and legally restrained police force. What could possibly go wrong?

One thought on “Working for the Weekend

  1. Thanks, that’s very interesting. I wonder what the voters think who elected these officials who actively support the destruction of their own city. Maybe it’s all cool until my property values tank or I lose income, business or etc.?


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