Siege Notes August 21

Marquis Love has turned himself in to police:

Marquise Love, 25, turned himself in on Friday morning, police said. Love is facing a felony charges of 2nd-degree assault, coercion, and a count of riot.


Second degree assault is a Class B felony and appears to carry a maximum of ten years.

Federal office buildings are closed due to a car bomb threat, or so anonymous feds told the AP,
and the city joined federal government in sending employees home at noon. Tomorrow more putative right-wing demonstrations downtown are planned, and antifa social media is abuzz with plans.

Jo Ann Hardesty is calling all antifa:

Good luck Portland indeed.

One thought on “Siege Notes August 21

  1. Other than overtime considerations, why do the police continue on with this bullshit? Why not have a sick out? What do you think they should do?


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