Love on the Lam

If not for two or three independent livestream journalists on the ground* recording it and 4 Chan identifying a suspect, the savage beating of Adam Haner in downtown Portland might have never come to the broader public’s attention. Despite a camera in every hand and no shortage of antifa sympathizers claiming press status (you have to wonder if any of these witnessed but didn’t report at least some of the violence–which was extensive after all–leading up to Haner’s beating).

The Portland Police have officially identified the suspect Marquise Love who remains at large.

Downtown was deserted again last night, and it was easy to imagine it was due to shame.
But antifa managed to muster their usual two hundred or so and returned to the police union hall to engage in low-level violent harassment.

The beating of Adam Haner revealed the extent to which the criminal black element has taken over. Antifa’s abandonment of its nighttime occupation of the blocks around the jail and federal court, which was still unopposed by the city and cops, may have to do with the likes of Marquise’s gang taking over, or just wrecking, the occupation camp, where wilding mobs of children fight in the surrounding streets and harass vulnerable adults.

One gang was reportedly camping in and operating out of Chapman Square across from the jail–who says black people don’t like camping?

Antifa may have been chased out of downtown by the black criminals they liberated from police. For about two weeks now Portland’s antifa have left downtown in relative peace while concentrating on smaller targets using smaller, more disciplined crowds across the Willamette River in Portland’s northeast.

The Haner beating happened on a night when the lull downtown was interrupted, and a restive crowd in the hundreds got down. The attack also happened relatively early–around ten thirty. The video above was taken at 9:07, at the same intersection, Fourth and Taylor, where they first set upon Adam Haner. The dispute here seems to have originated over the gang attacking a homeless man. Of course no police are on scene but it’s doubtful people even call them for the small stuff now.

Antifa abandoned downtown and went east after the entry of ally District Attorney Mike Schmidt and his declaration to not prosecute, literally, rioting. They can almost do whatever they want. They could’ve gotten smaller at the same time due to waning energy; they’re down to the committed hardcore now. But there could be more to the story.

At the very least it seems antifa is better equipped to control its smaller actions of the northern campaign. Downtown draws all manner of hangers-on, and the black criminal element is visible and threatening in the midst of the freak show.

Speeches are still given over a PA in front of the Justice Center in the early evening, and in trying to outdo one another black speakers–and it’s mostly black, some Other and rare whites now–reach ever greater levels of stupidity and violence, as you’ve seen. Whites clap unthinkingly, reacting to the rhythm and vaguely recognizable platitudes, just waiting to get through it like a boring sermon; the applause does die off–never completely–when it devolves into calls for blood.

Marquise Love and crew may have been present for one of these speeches, but the point is their malice never really needed them.


* Kalen From Scriber
Drew Hernandez
Jorge Ventura

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