Oppression and Delusion

At Mytilene things went so far that the Penthilids, who had secured the chief power, went about in the streets, armed with clubs, and knocked down citizens whom they disliked.
–JB Bury, A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander

The element black rage plays in the George Floyd hoax is the exact opposite of how it is understood, even by the nominally conservative. It is not the desperate expression of an oppressed, suffering people, but the expression of a powerful one. One confident in its expanding (if ultimately unearned) power, and settling scores.
For blacks individually and as a group, George Floyd’s homocide is an affront, from an inferior class of people–the detested whites. This is obvious.

Likewise, the language of the polite mainstream–the supposed voice of white America–is opposite the reality.
Of course this isn’t an oppressive, powerful people finding their own fault–what oppressor does that, after all?–but an oppressed and miserable one. It’s a plea, a plea for final clemency, an acceptance of a diminished role, begging for the violence and misery to stop.

But the plea is as contrived as the context–made by a tiny, hostile elite and delusional antifa–the real population silenced, any real dissent confined to these obscure corners by a media chastising the sane mass for the virulent mob occupying our cities.

Critical race theory has provided blacks with the rationalization that their preeminence now is a return to their naturally superior role. But frankly the words don’t matter, and one is far more edified by the tones, expressions and hysterics of black folk. Words and meaning fare about as well in black neighborhoods as an exposed white person, and are subjected to similar violence and depravity. They destroy not only our buildings, but our language.

Meanwhile Donald Trump–the “power” being fought–may be himself incapable of understanding the underlying truth, despite always having had far better instincts than brains, that whites are an oppressed people, and oppressed by the absurd convention placing a child-like and destructive but dominant and imperious race in the role of moral aristocracy.

Blacks are thriving relative to whites at the same time we are in fact dying off. Power and wealth are being redistributed from white to black–this process is to speed up now because of Saint George.

And while blacks may have not earned it by contributing to the nation’s well-being generally (in fact earning it by virtue of degrading it, through criminality and degeneracy that are, alas, ascribed to our racism through demagogy) they are not responsible for the absurdity of their preeminence and only go as far as they are encouraged to go.

But boy are they being encouraged. We are witnessing a world-class betrayal and con, from which there’s no going back, whatever the resolution.

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