Barbarism and Impotence

“The critique of culture is confronted with the last stage in the dialectic of culture and barbarism: to write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric, and that corrodes also the knowledge which expresses why it has become impossible to write poetry today.”
Theodore Adorno
To talk about police brutality, “racism” or even economic inequality in light of the Siege of Soros is to capitulate and engage in a barbaric rite, the point of which is your destruction.
Do not do it.The false issues presented are in fact the point of surrender, and should be the point around which we rally our defense.

Cradle-to-grave social conditioning means good people follow the red herring of black oppression, without a thought–worse than a diversion, it’s an inversion of reality. It’s precisely the degree of this inversion that gives it its power, as long as it holds. That’s what our experience with black America has taught us. We’ve watched, shamefully mute, as their cultural sanctity grew in tandem with their appalling behavior. We watch still as their shame is transmuted through shoddy theory into ours–their criminality and mediocrity the result of our malice, our “racism”.

Your first lesson from the Siege of Soros is you can no longer humor for a moment this lie.

Accepting their premises is to accept defeat from the start; the rest is just negotiating terms of surrender.

We’ve reached this appalling place by humoring this evil nonsense.

The power of black credulity and rage is being used to destroy your country.

Blacks are not uniquely oppressed in white society. This is demonstrably untrue of course–if one accepts as criteria wealth, liberty, education, opportunity and access to technology; by these no one is more fortunate to be born in the West than an African. If you’re White or Asian, the disparity between here and your ancestral home is minimal. If you’re black, it’s great. Absent migration, I would have been born in northern Europe. Absent the slave trade, the average black American would have found himself a black Zimbabwean or Angolan.

Now there is an argument for his legitimate oppression by Western culture, and I accept it. He is genetically outfitted for a very different society than this–perhaps in the same way that I would feel an ill fit in the African society that was his evolutionary crucible before colonization. Perhaps much black rage is owed to this, and the high degree of racial pride and constant casting about for racial authenticity suggest blacks understand, in their strong bones if not their weak minds, that this is the problem. They live in our world and resent it.

It’s okay though; they are taking over. With a little help from their friends, of course.

The notion of White supremacy–simply the pathologization of White culture–relies on an implicit rejection of the Enlightenment values it still cites and from which it originated before running them through the gauntlet of Jewish mind-fuckery that I think of as the Narrate-o-Matic.

What’s killing us, White people, is the mismatch is now ours. We get to be second rate negroes, because Blacks and their “allies” won’t have them as second-rate White people.

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