Ol’ Charlee Main he a very larned scholar…

Old Zip Coon is a very larned scholar, 
Old Zip Coon is a very larned scholar, 
Old Zip Coon is a very larned scholar, 
He plays on de Banjo Cooney in de holler. 

Joe Biden went on a podcast with someone who calls himself Charlemagne Tha God. When Charlie asked Joe if he would commit to picking a black female running mate Joe got himself into a bit of trouble by adopting black intonation and saying “if you ain’t got Joe’s back you ain’t black”;
pardon me, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but my version is better because–are you listening Joe?–the dahkies really like rhymes.

A contrived controversy has ensued, and, per progressive modus operandi (“this just demonstrates the need for ____”), the whole thing is now being used to try and force a Biden commitment. President Kamala Harris here we come.

The interview wasn’t contentious as all that, but interviewer Charlie later threw old Joe under the black bus in a rant that included this:

“The whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt and he’s been a very intricate part of that system.”

The word is integral, my brother. Joe Biden is no more intricate than any other human component of that “system”–he’s actually been accused of being a little simple.

The minstrel shows featured a character called “Zip Coon”, a dandy with intellectual pretensions and a steady stream of malaprops. Like “Jim Crow”, the dandy who liked to dress up and chase women, we know in the enlightened Current Year these stereotypes have no basis in reality!

“Ah’s never heard a yo Granma Lee…!” 

Damon Wayans adapted the character for the modern urban environment:

Joe Biden has a problem: he’s looking to flip Trump voters at the same time he has to appease the blacks and get them out to the polls (get ready for all manner of BLM-style agitprop as November nears).
But the best way to flip Trump voters (after real economic populism, which isn’t on the table) would be to have a Sista Souljah moment a la Bill Clinton:

Unfortunately we have progressed since then and now know disapproval of the genocidal impulses of black Americans leads to genocide. Or something.

2 thoughts on “Ol’ Charlee Main he a very larned scholar…

  1. “ I tell you what's a goine to happen now very soon,De United States bank will be blown to de moon,Den all de oder bank notes will be mighty plenty,An one silver dollar will be worth ten or twenty.”Troof.


  2. Author and blackface performer George Washington Dixon was an economic populist and publisher also.O glory be to Jackson, for he blow up de Banks,An glory be to Jackson, for he many funny pranks,An glory be to Jackson, for de battle of Orleans,For dere he gib de enemy de hot butter beans.


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