Stacey Goodenhard

Stacey Abrams is the latest brightest star in the Democratic firmament. She and whoever is behind her are working hard to make her Vice President, one Joe Biden girl scout groping away from Leader of the Free World.

Abrams is angling to be the pantsuit Barack Obama, who vaulted to the presidency on a combination of hype and stealth: the media fawned over the potential First Black President and wanted nothing less than to take a closer look at his character or connections.

Stacey Abrams is no Barack Obama (of course Barack Obama is no “Barack Obama”–the numinous negro of legend) and we’re not a pre-Obama America, having witnessed his betrayal of those lofty promises of racial healing and still sick with the anti-white passions he purposefully set loose.
Hope and Change.

Barack Obama not only betrayed his promise to bring the races together, he deliberately drove whites apart with considerable help from a friendly media–who deem it progress.

Now the same white dopes who voted for a black savior to bring us together pine for a black avenger to stick it to us–to us recalcitrant whites–after having been wound up by their would-be savior’s demagogy. And not a one seems to notice this remarkable journey.

Maybe it’s just that you can only lose your virginity once. Woke white America gave her maidenhead to a nice guy full of promises. He turned out to be a pimp. Too late to recover her virtue, now she’s a slut. A slut for Justice.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment to have conditioned a people to despise their selves and interests–as a badge of status for the intelligent and educated no less. Such a thing should be studied, examined, puzzled over; it should produce its own field of study. But it won’t. It’s a shame what should be an example productive of all manner of insight into human and social psychology will likely be lost to the obscuring kitsch of the coming order, which will cast it in stone as a second Enlightenment.

The point is Obama having already spent the unity trick isn’t a hindrance to Abrams because she isn’t playing it. Out of cunning or callowness, Abrams doesn’t even humor the desire for racial unity. That’s been exposed as a chimera and a ruse. Stacey’s would-be re-ordering of our system around identity politics, as the culmination of the civil rights movement, is the endgame and Abrams only differs from her intellectual betters in her lack of discretion. She is welcome in that case. She’s giving away the game: America is to be a multi-confessional empire divorced from its ethnic, national and constitutional origins.

Obama didn’t fail to reconcile black and white America of course, he never intended that; he succeeded in discrediting reconciliation. He lured out America’s longing for racial peace so he could smother it.
A world-historic dick move by a world-historic douche bag.

Stacey is the inevitable post-Obama black candidate–here to tell us how naive we were to believe him. She’s made her focus “voter rights” and registration of non-white voters–she talks little policy and makes no pretense of having “ideas” or a guiding philosophy other than identity politics; she sells herself as a pragmatist willing to compromise everything except them.
Her Marxism is entirely cultural, thus corporate-friendly, no threat to finance and Kosher. She’s literally made for the planned new America.

A presidential candidate who is  purely a race-advocate and little more, whose very mediocrity everywhere else is a virtue–to the powerful status quo–Stacey Abrams is the candidate of the future.

Abrams argued in her notorious Foreign Affairs piece praising identity politics that our resistance to identity politics is proof of their perpetual necessity:

The entrance of the marginalized into the workplace, the commons, and the body politic—achieved through litigation and legislation—spawned reactionary limits on their legal standing and restrictions meant to block their complaints and prevent remedies. The natural antidote to this condition is not a retrenchment to amorphous, universal descriptors devoid of context or nuance. Instead, Americans must thoughtfully pursue an expanded, identity-conscious politics. New, vibrant, noisy voices represent the strongest tool to manage the growing pains of multicultural coexistence. By embracing identity and its prickly, uncomfortable contours, Americans will become more likely to grow as one.

Even progressives complain she talks about herself (“telling her story” in the progressive sense) and electoral politics almost entirely. She has little interest in anything else. Abrams has two obsessions: herself and power.

We know less of her than we knew of Obama–despite their shared self-obsession. But she may have one thing on him–she probably wrote her black “romance-suspense” novels (as “Selena Montgomery”) on her own:

Determined to prove herself, A.J. Grayson created an artificial intelligence that ends up commandeered by the ISA to use against the new monarch of Jafir. Damon Toca, Jafir’s new king, owned a gallery just six months ago and now rules a country. A.J. and Damon come together to find out who wants Damon dead, and if they fall in love in the process, well, that’s just a bonus…

Dr. Erin Abbot, a criminal psychologist, his happy with her quiet life in New Orleans until she discovers a serial killer is afoot. Gabriel Moss is a journalist that can sense Erin knows more than she’s letting on. Still, he finds himself incredibly attracted to her. Together, they track a killer all while falling in love…

After an innocent woman is accused of murder, Fin Borders is forced to return to her hometown of Hallden and putting her life in danger. Special Agent Caleb Matthews is working undercover looking for the killer. Knowing he can’t do everything alone, he seeks out Fin’s help. It’s then that the passion between them grows even as secrets are revealed…

Star Adams is a young Vice President who learns her boss touched a girl scout inappropriately. She and Secret Service agent Chad Brilliantine must find the girl before a white supremacist terrorist cell looking to protect the president, but their budding romance might get in the way…

Okay, that last one is mine.

The Daily Caller posted the naughty bits they found, and they suggest an author appreciative of female surrender, or maybe just power.

“With urgency, she accepted him, fascinated by the power, and for a moment, she wavered, wondering if she was prepared. In the next second, she knew she could never be…”

“Arousal, ravenous and craven, bent to a stronger, more fragile need that consumed her. She opened for him….”

“…his hands were on me and underneath my clothes…he went down my skirt, but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers…he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me…”

Sorry, that last one is Tara Reade’s account of being jumped by Joe Biden. Stacey dismisses it–as fiction. Perhaps if Tara had told of her sweet surrender to his ravenous will Stacey would find the account credible. I suspect if she gets the VP nod and a doddering Joe Biden forgets himself and gets his finger stuck in a staffer she’s going to find that account “credible” and “troubling”. She might even help write it.

“I used to be a romance novelist, you know”, she’ll tell the assembled political ghouls plotting the coup.

Abrams is single, never-married and officially straight despite resembling a lesbian and surrounding herself with them.

She or may not be an intellectual or professional mediocrity–she’s a cipher–but her ambition is definitely of a higher caliber, demonstrated when she took the unprecedented step of announcing her availability for the Vice Presidential nomination. A cowed or just disinterested press seemed to miss the audacity and boldness of publicly putting Biden on the spot and trying to force the nomination. The cravenness of it is jolting–and it might work, with Biden in the absurd position of “owing” his nomination to black America because they pulled his chestnuts out of the fire in South Carolina.

Things have degenerated in America. The old liberal press would have noted these things. The new woke press doesn’t seem capable of discerning them. So Stacey’s shortcut to 2024 (she’s predicted, a la Ali, she’ll get there by 2040) is looking scarily plausible.
But her hagiographers have a tough time of it.

Witness this Washington Post Magazine puff piece:

There is a big buzz at the Loudermilk Conference Center in downtown Atlanta as a gathering called Paradigm Shift 2.0: Black Women Confronting HIV, Health and Social Justice gets underway. Three hundred registered participants have journeyed from across the country to discuss the many challenges and possibilities facing black women and girls. The second day’s morning keynote was delivered by radical activist and professor Angela Davis. The hype has been building exponentially for lunchtime guest speaker Stacey Abrams.

When she is finally introduced the women shout and leap to their feet. Young women stand on chairs, camera phones flash. Abrams, who appears both amused and slightly disturbed by the fuss over her, takes control of the chaotic scene. I’ve witnessed this level of affection for very few political leaders in the Democratic circles I’ve been in since the 1980s. They have the last names Clinton (both Hillary and Bill), Sanders, Warren, Jackson and Obama (both Michelle and Barack).

“I’m going to make sure there is peace in this room,” Abrams says. “Y’all are about to annoy each other with these cameras, so I’m going to stand up and I’m going to stand in front of each group of you. Take pictures so you can put your camera down.”

(Dana Scruggs for The Washington Post)

Pandemonium ensues as she walks to the far left of the stage, like a runway supermodel, stops on a dime, poses, tilts her head slightly and smiles. Camera flashes explode. She next pivots and walks slowly to the center of the stage, freezes there and repeats the pose. Again, the flashes explode. Abrams is summoning her inner actress, and she is both enjoying the moment and getting through it to get to the conversation. She then pivots and walks to the far right of the stage, same. You wonder whether she has done this before, because it is not necessarily what one would expect from a 46-year-old politician who was nearly elected the first black female governor in U.S. history. She lost by fewer than 2 percentage points in the 2018 Georgia race riddled with allegations of voter suppression. Before that, she was a state legislator who had served as a leader in the Georgia General Assembly for a decade. Now her name is on political pundits’ shortlists of potential running mates for Joe Biden. She also happens to have predicted that she’ll be elected president by 2040.

In case you’re wondering what a paradigm shift in black women’s approach to AIDS looks like:

In the arts, ViiV Healthcare presented Take My Hand, a theatre piece about two women—one cisgender and one transgender—who are living and eventually loving with HIV. Through poetry, prose, and movement, they tell their stories and urge the audience to take a deeper look at their own. An interactive panel discussion followed the short play…

After Dylan Roof, Abrams, as minority leader in the Georgia House, declined to support a bill to remove the Stone Mountain monument to Confederate heroes.
Then Abrams runs for governor, and this happens:


So in defense of Stacey, she’s no more radical than her (largely parenthetical) white benefactors demand. The perfect candidate for the elite, unprincipled about everything except power–hers. All else is negotiable.

“…cascades of desire shifted like paradigms from their lingering side-boobs…”

The weird puff pieces have been coming for a while; this is from 2016:

Resplendent in a red suit, Abrams gave a stirring speech about her passion for public service at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. “Growing up as the daughter of a librarian and a shipyard worker in Southern Mississippi, my family was hit time and again by the economic insecurity that is too often driven by racism, sexism, and the ills that come from being born in the wrong ZIP code,” Abrams said. “Still, every day my parents taught us, all six of their children, to celebrate through service the grace that is America.” 

Like Obama she obscures the embarrassing whiteness of her background, despite having been spared by caring parents from the chaos and ignorance of a black neighborhood:

“2020 South Street was a red-brick house with azalea bushes that ran along the front. There was an oak tree in the front yard, and it had such big limbs and so many leaves that grass couldn’t grow underneath it. But you could climb that tree, and you could see everything.” Abrams’s parents picked that street so that she and her siblings could attend one of the better schools in the area. It was one of many lessons she learned growing up about the division of resources along racial lines and navigating those divisions. “It was less a black community than we lived on a ‘black street.’ There were these two streets that were adjacent to the middle-class, predominantly white part of town to get zoned into the middle-class school. … We lived on the two streets that were all black until the Brooks family came.

Not so alienated from black America as Barack Obama, who claimed to have spent time in black barbershops to learn to black (let no one say he hasn’t suffered for his profession, an educated, intelligent man pretending to find the insipid patter of The Brothers meaningful–“why yes, Tyrone, your point about a full buttocks is–er, I mean, yo, tell it brother…”).

When Abrams ran for governor she had to reveal she was a hundred and seventy thousand dollars in debt–mostly credit cards, with fifty thousand in back taxes. Someone has since paid that debt for her. What she owes to whom for this favor is just one more thing for the press to ignore while sending out gay black men to praise her pantsuit charisma.

Stacey doesn’t owe the IRS any more, but we still owe her.

Hello darkness my old friend…

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