Incuriouser and Incuriouser

Several community leaders of the Ferguson BLM riots are dead, and so is journalism, as this report evidences:

Two young men were found dead inside torched cars. Three others died of apparent suicides. Another collapsed on a bus, his death ruled an overdose. 

Six deaths, all involving men with connections to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, drew attention on social media and speculation in the activist community that something sinister was at play. 

Police say there is no evidence the deaths have anything to do with the protests stemming from a white police officer’s fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and that only two were homicides. But activists and observers remain puzzled, especially since people involved in the protests continue to face harassment and threats.

Jim Salter of ABC News offers no evidence of said harassment–presumably because he’s taking the word of “activist and observers”. This last sentence suggests but doesn’t say they’re the source–the second clause stands as an independent observation. Deliberate or sloppy, I don’t know.

Jim is admirably narrative-compliant, but not too curious. The deaths may very well be related to the protests, but in a very non-narrative-compliant way. Jim is looking for the racist bogey in between the elephant and 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Three factors loom large. First, by far, the inundation of Ferguson with money from national organizations, including of course Soros’ 33 million, much of it landing in the hands of young black men with little preparation and often questionable character, only recently recruited to the cause.

Secondly there is the Ferguson Effect, with cops sensibly withdrawing on the streets and crime increasing (probably still in effect).

Thirdly the loot from the riots, which afterward had to be fenced, traded, stolen a second time and consumed, including a load of pharmaceuticals looted from the CVS the revolutionaries seized first. Radio stations are so passe.

Beefs over the Soros spoils may explain the murders–I have a hard time imagining you dump a pallet of money in front of the ghetto-yokels of Ferguson and it gets distributed sensibly.

The suicides strike me as less suspicious–what I can imagine is the despondence of one of these poor souls after the money and attention runs out.

But we’ll never know. Unless of course it turns out some rogue cops or secret white nationalist underground are on the job. I almost welcome the break from the monotony of the Narrative.

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