Broadcast Note

Wednesday, March 20, at about noon Pacific Time, I’m doing another livestream breakfast interview with James LaFond, on my YouTube channel.

James’ latest is Cracker-Boy: A History of Plantation America: 1607-1865, available in paperback from Amazon. Here’s the blurb:

In this in-depth survey of Plantation America, the author brings to light the conditions of life for the millions of forgotten and dismissed Americans, many of them malnourished child slaves, who were literally planted as human cattle in a pristine land in a desperate bid to transform it into a taxable mercantile garden. Such facts as the holding of Chinese and Southeast Asian slaves in Maryland in the early 1700s and the frequency with which runaways stole from their masters or were shackled are illuminated in this chronicle of the Actual Plantation America, which should put forever to rest the venerated lie of Colonial America.

James has done extensive work on the subject of white bondage in colonial and antebellum America.

Help out this awful interviewer by coming along and asking some questions.

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