Plundering for Justice

We’re in the redress and appropriation phase of the civil rights movement, wherein the wealth and culture created by history’s putative monsters, white Americans, is being redistributed among non-whites.

The tenets of the post-religious dispensation are Equality and Diversity. Together they posit a natural order, lost to white supremacy, wherein material wealth and power are equally distributed among a peaceful, racially diverse population, and between men and women. If not for white racism and patriarchy this natural order would take hold and humanity would (will) be saved.

The left is so far gone now it’s suggesting this Utopia did in fact exist (Britain was always diverse, Beethoven was black, etc). It’s patent nonsense, but these tenets hold. We can fully expect leftist historical retconning like this in the future on behalf of transsexuals.

These tenets imply economic commandments: go forth and make right white pilferage of black (for one) American wealth. Thus we have an economic growth industry that can masquerade as social justice, as the clever and cynical (or delusional, doesn’t matter) are encouraged to create new ways to effect that transfer of wealth out of white hands.

Team Diversity is the global mafia, and everywhere the Narrative wants its cut, from film roles to the “resources” being denied blacks by selfish whites retreating to the suburbs–loot and pussy foremost, judging from our long sorry experience with integration.

Meanwhile non-whites seem to be divided between the cynical and those who genuinely believe the con–that they’re only taking what’s rightfully theirs somehow.

The lefty journalist and/or activist now is like a pirate granted sanction by the religious order to go forth and plunder. The hobbyists of what Steve Sailer calls the voluntary auxiliary thought police are akin to crusaders, promised absolution and crashing through the countryside leaving a wake of ruin behind.

As a game black civil rights is rigged, because we can’t consider black outcomes have any connection to black people. The extent of the ruin they inflict on the whole as a result of criminality and sloth becomes the measure of our guilt.

As there’s money in this game, this means black dysfunction is a cash cow. For a long time of course it’s been a way to extract wealth from the whole through social programs. Despite being large, this is a boring  business, akin to retail banking. The civil rights industry is moving into more creative revenue streams now.

The Washington Post, “How White Racism Destroys White Wealth”:

There are a lot of reasons that home prices tend to be lower in black neighborhoods than in white ones. Decades of racist policies put in place by governments and private companies — segregation, redlining, deed restrictions, exclusionary zoning, the deliberate hollowing out of urban cores — have had the net effect of eroding the quality of life in many majority-black neighborhoods nationwide.

As the authors of a new Brookings Institution-Gallup study note, Zillow data shows that the median listing price of a home in a majority-black neighborhood in a major metro area is around $184,000, while the median listing in a neighborhood where blacks make up less than 1 percent of the population stands at over $341,000. 

The violent ethnic cleansing of white urban America allowed blacks to take over some of the nation’s best real estate. That first great pillaging didn’t lead to Detroit becoming Wakanda, but becoming Detroit. Now we’re expected to pay at the other end for the fleecing.

Another way of looking at this is a measure of the extent blacks destroy real estate values. There is a cost, it just flips either way depending on whether or not you believe the Narrative. The real cost is likely huge, but we’ll never be allowed to consider it at this rate: the opportunity cost of losing major cities to black pogroms, necessitating the suburbs and still all manner of adjustment to accommodate black malice.

But the raiders aren’t letting up–they have the hard ground of religious sanction, the Narrative, under their feet.
They’re putting prices on stuff now:

They wanted to isolate the effects of racism alone — to peel off all the other explanatory variables until they could “detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners,” as they put it. In the end, they were left with one number: $48,000. 

That’s the amount the average home in a majority-black neighborhood is undervalued, relative to an identical home in an identical all-white neighborhood once you properly adjust for all the other structural and neighborhood characteristics that could plausibly affect that number. That’s the “cost of racial bias,” as the authors put it, “amounting to $156 billion in cumulative losses” accruing to black homeowners.

There was a bit in the old National Lampoon magazine about black reparations, wherein white America consents to reparations but then presents black America with a bill for charges against those reparations, tallying up everything from the Club auto theft device to penis enlargement operations.

Meanwhile, the authors of the “study”:

“If we can detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners, we can begin to address bigotry principally by giving black homeowners and policymakers a target price for redress,”

Feeling down, black America? Call your doctor and ask about Reparations!

“Laws have changed, but the value of assets — buildings, schools, leadership, and land itself — are inextricably linked to the perceptions of black people. And those negative perceptions persist.”

The stones themselves are imbued with our racism.

One thought on “Plundering for Justice

  1. So not only do whites have to overpay nearly $50K for our homes if they don’t want to live in niggertown, but it’s somehow an injustice -against blacks- that we’re going into deeper debt for home ownership. Incredible.By the way, Amazon Post lists writer Christopher Ingram as resident of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. In the 2010 census, Red Lake Falls was counted as: 96.1% White, 0.4% African American, 0.5% Native American, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 0.8% from other races, and 2.0% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.1% of the population.Why do you suppose Christopher is choosing to overpay so drastically to live in Whiteopia, MN? Doesn’t he know he could be slicing his mortgage(or rent) by more than 50% if he moved to little Somalia down in the twin cities? Guess those “good schools” are really worth it.


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