One thought on “Resurrection Sunday Schedule

  1. While watching the YouTube video of the simian histrionics at the city council meeting, and later, an extended video of the funeral, I could only marvel at the powers of self-delusion required by liberals to be able to watch the surviving brother's antics and the obvious acceptance of his peers, and NOT be red-pilled about the profound divide of \”nature, habit, and opinion\” spoken of by Thomas Jefferson. Please watch the brother's weird behavior while standing next to Al Sharpton at the funeral. He sticks his tongue out and and cavorts like a monkey out of Edgar Allen Poe or Lovecraft (or Jim Woodring!). He is a piece of work,alright, but he is also well within the range of normalcy as a black who is in a state of exaltation and narcissistic intoxication when finding himself at the center of a phalanx of cameras and mics capturing his every baleful eructation and eldritch insinuation. Maybe this coverage will knock a lot of white people off the fence and into our camp.


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