"Us v Them" is "Not Who We Are"

An alternative news website is reporting the recent shootings of African migrants on the streets of the central Italian city of Macerata were prompted by the rape and murder of an 18 year-old Italian girl. A native Italian was arrested after shooting at random Africans from his car.

The respectable press routinely buries such details but even if they’re forced to acknowledge them the shooter still becomes statistical fodder for the common argument that “right wing extremists” and not, say, Muslim terrorists, are the Real Problem. We’re not allowed our reasons–any more than the Muslims, who never can be acknowledged to represent Real Islam, whatever it is.

This seems the fundamental problem with the “right wing terrorist” argument, if you’re the modern West determined to displace its own with colonies from abroad: the Muslim and the right wing (and let’s for the moment accept their notion of one) terrorist are not the same thing.

We actually have a side, and that’s the only real distinction to be made.

Forget that the notion relies on questionable definitions of terror and ignorance of proportional representation–their own numbers reveal the percentage of terrorists emanating from the Muslim population dwarf that of the non-Muslim or white population.

Forget Muslim terror attacks actually produce more right wing extremism (again, we’re not allowed to take our own side, collectively forced to take the passive stance of the liberal).

The real sin of the right wing terrorist obfuscation is that it makes no distinction between Muslims and us–indeed, it assumes the Muslims are as much part of us as the right wingers, who are not truly us (“not who we are”). Even as the average Muslim, almost as much as his terrorist co-ethnic, doesn’t feel very much like us, and certainly is under no pressure (like that upon us) to adopt to us, much less become one of us. Because that would not be Who We Are.

Indeed, if the Muslims are more Who We Are than the evil right wingers, then we’re actually on their side, and the terrorists they produce are understandable, endurable. Above all, non-representative. Not so the white extremists, who oppose the very diversity the Muslims so wonderfully represent.

I think I’ve followed their, let’s call it, Good Logic correctly.

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