Bully for You

If nothing else, I imagine diversity opening up new opportunities in litigation after reading this brief news item about a paltry lawsuit settlement for the parent of a bullied student

The Eugene School District has paid $24,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a parent whose child was attacked at school.

Olga Telsheva sought $625,000 when the suit was filed last year. She alleged that officials failed to protect her son from being beaten up by a classmate twice on Nov. 13, 2015. One assault happened between classes at North Eugene High School and the other was during gym class.

The lawsuit was filed on Telsheva’s behalf by attorney Kevin Brague. The Register-Guard reports that Eugene-area school districts have settled three lawsuits filed by Brague on behalf of parents in the past two years.

It appears this Portland personal injury lawyer is trying to carve out a niche suing schools over bullying but so far it doesn’t sound like it’s proving very lucrative

Each lawsuit sought damages of $600,000 or more and settled for $30,000 or less.

My mind instantly goes to the racist gutter of course, but if I don’t miss my guess the rapid and enthusiastic browning of the Willamette Valley (Portland is at its north, where the Willamette river flows into the Columbia) is leading to many more placid white kids getting bullied by dominant minorities.

I wonder if there’s any potential for class action.

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