Torah Notes

I believe Professor Kevin MacDonald is tentatively scheduled to join us for Luke Ford’s Torah Talk tomorrow, Sunday 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Watch on Luke’s channel to join the chat and ask questions. Luke is coming off a triumphant performance on the Andy Warski livestream (see below).
Good livestreams are about the most fun entertainment I can imagine right now. Television has done every idea to death and is full poz. Sports are, well…

But a good contentious livestream has an appeal similar to sports, in that it’s unscripted and involves real risk for the participants. In sports someone can literally die. No one literally died on the Warski podcast, but Luke killed, and listening to his counterpart cite “collectivism” and “meritocracy” I wanted to kill myself.
Livestreaming is to recorded and written commentary as sports is to fiction and scripted entertainment.

Hilariously, for all the savage red-pilling Luke was offering, hackles and interest were raised in earnest only when he suggested giving up porn and masturbation. Alas, we have a long way to go.

Kevin MacDonald on Twitter.

Some possible questions for the professor.

Is a white collectivist society preferable to a multiracial individualist society?

Is a multiracial individualist society possible?

Is revulsion an evolutionary adaptation?

Is revulsion at homosexuality or miscegenation an evolutionary adaptation?

Is Andrew Anglin good or bad for white people?

Have you listened to the Daily Shoah?

Is white evolutionary strategy deliberately dysgenic? Can it be said that whites are simply pursuing individual evolutionary strategies, it’s now “every man for himself”, wherein the goal is at leas to get their genes into the emerging mass, whatever it is?

Is a white woman having a black child pursuing an evolutionary strategy based on better chances for gene propagation from dominant, growing population (real or perceived) versus submissive, declining population?

How many copies of CofC are out there?

Have you considered the ratio between how widely read the book is and how little mentioned in the media? Do you think you hold the record for this?

Other than Jews, who’s pursuing the best group evolutionary strategy?

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