Kevin MacDonald on Torah Talk

A pensive and pessimistic Kevin MacDonald joined us this morning on Luke Ford’s Torah Talk.

1:50. Professor MacDonald has a book about Europeans coming out this year “sort of summarizing” his writings over the years, going beyond the Jewish trilogy for which he’s known.

3:00. Indo-European group evolutionary strategy.

9:30. Luke’s novel approach to broaching the Jewish Question with normals.

10:30. The professor on the age-old struggle.

13:30. Casey asks: is moral universalism our Achilles Heel? Do we need to abandon the Enlightenment?

25:10. Is a white collectivist society preferable to a multi-racial individualist society?

26:25. Is a multi-racial individualist society possible? “…between group competition is just starting.”

28:10. Are the Jews riding the whirlwind?

29:15. Is Donald Trump the first Jewish president? Hasn’t Trump in fact offered the Jews the arrangement the professor himself has wished for: support for Israel in exchange for getting America back?

32:00. Where’s the chaos?

33:20. Strange new respect.

34:40. Is revulsion an evolutionary adaptation?

35:25. Is revulsion at homosexuality or miscegenation an evolutionary adaptation?

39:30. Do Jews have a death wish?

51:10. “I don’t listen to podcasts as a rule.” Re the Daily Stormer: “I’m sort of horrified by it.”

52:05. Is abortion eugenic?

53:35. Is drug addiction eugenic? “The white working class thrived with a lot of cultural supports.”

55:20. Is multi-culturalism just communism in different clothes?

1:02:20. Have you studied quantitative population models? “…it tends to show Jews are an identifiable population.”

1:03:10. The JQ for Dummies.

1:04:45. Have you listened to the Daily Shoah?

1:24:10. Luke’s advice on dealing with the normals: “Never say anything to anyone that is beyond their capacity to receive…”

1:37:25: Luke on the Crazy Stage of red-pilling: “…I was like violently emotionally arguing for something, which as I was doing it I was realizing the other person was right and yet I couldn’t stop violently emotionally arguing for something that in my heart I was sadly realizing was wrong.”

1:45:45. The Northwest and the immigration-induced “equity emergency”: demographics go brown, school test scores go down. It’s an immediate civil rights issue, which is likely more feature than bug to our ambitious social justice warrior class. A floor wax and a dessert topping.

2:00:50 Luke’s Gospel of the Demeanor. “Be admirable” in all ways.

2:02:00 Dennis’ Gospel of the Born Again Alt Righter. In this world but not of it.

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