Times Do Change

Steve Sailer blog post from last March:

Back in 2010 it occurred to me that I ought to write about a book explaining why it isn’t the end of the world that some people are smarter than other people. That would be my great contribution if I could explain why, just as it’s not a global crisis that all the medalists in the next Olympic men’s 100m dash will be black, the fact that some races tend to be smarter than others doesn’t mean we should dig up Hitler’s DNA and elect him President. 

But, you’ll notice, I haven’t written that book yet.

Sailer used to reassure his readers that public recognition of the racial IQ gap would not greatly affect society; a post-woke world would look no different. I used to buy it. I don’t any more. What’s happened in the period of time since he started saying that is the possibility of racial reconciliation has gone from being a reasonable expectation to a mocked notion. The Narrative now holds reconciliation itself to be oppression, and will accept no compromise short of the elimination of “whiteness”.

Whether it was ever possible will be an interesting question for history. Perhaps they’ll say we didn’t attempt “real racial reconciliation”. I think they’d be right; you could never bring diverse ethnic groups to attempt it in earnest in the first place–except of course the modern western white man.

The Obama years and its partly achieved “fundamental transformation” of America–which largely involved making her more diverse–revealed it is a global crisis that we’re all so different, and it’s a global crisis because of globalism and migration. It’s a crisis for any racially diverse population. Diversity is its own problem.

Of course, it is not seen as a crisis for the political left. They don’t want to solve the problem of “inequality” and then go tend their cabbages. They want inequality now, inequality tomorrow, inequality forever.

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