Testing, testing…

Schools in England and the United States will not be taking the new international Pisa test designed to assess respect for other cultures, challenge extremism and help identify fake news.

The new “global competences” test will be carried out alongside maths, reading and science, as part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s influential Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests.

But some Western countries including England, the United States, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and Ireland have decided not to take the global competence test, although they will take the other core academic subject tests.

The OECD’s goal is to prepare whites everywhere for greater diversity. Not, notably, to prepare the diverse for whites, unless somehow the tests are genuinely objective and not based on critical race theory. I’m supremely confident that’s not the case.

Taking the elite at their word leads to questioning their sanity:

 The concept of global competence was intended to test how well young people were prepared to work alongside people from different cultures and with different beliefs.

They genuinely think this is the future. That it’s possible, desirable and inevitable.
Perhaps inspired by television’s image of diversity, they imagine you’re going to go to work and sit across from a nice woman in a hijab (how the left loves the hijab, so mild, so modest, so reassuring!) and she’ll accompany you to lunch with your transgender friend. And thus throughout the whole of the West.

When they invoke “different beliefs” you have to wonder: do they understand what “beliefs” are? The western elites–the OECD invokes “post truth” in its gobbledygook explaining the tests–have adopted a postmodern relativist approach to truth, and don’t understand any more what “belief” means. They don’t experience it and don’t see it in others. I’m reminded of George W Bush so often invoking religion and then blundering into Iraq and experiencing firsthand the significance of genuine religious belief, as opposed to his own retail version of Christianity. He still doesn’t get it, be sure.

The prospect that we’ll be at each other’s throats does occur to the elites, as the global “competence” tests show. But we must work through that; we are working through that in enduring terrorist attacks, rape, grooming gangs.
 It’s hard not to grow hard. It’s hard not to simply conclude: evil.

One thought on “Testing, testing…

  1. I read OECD;s PDF summarizing the effort (https://www.oecd.org/education/Global-competency-for-an-inclusive-world.pdf). You summed it up perfectly, ie it's Whites who cultures are being invaded and destroyed who are the problem. It's entirely framed in Marxist victim/oppressor ideology, which conveniently lets their brown pets off the hook for not being interested in tolerance. feminism, and global warming.It's terrifying to contemplate that some of them aren't just rent seeking, and actually believe this bullshit.


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